SPRINGWATER — Springwater Music Fair had a special atmosphere at Punky Hollow Farm on Sept 17 and 18.


The medieval looking signs along with the placement of music and crafts gave a renaissance feel to the festival.  


Mary Nisbet of Springwater helped Bee Tree Lavender Owner and sister Jade Perkins with her crafts table this year.  


Nisbet makes the feed tote bags, catnip pillows, and crochets.


“I have been here almost every year since they started,” she said. “I like the setup they have this year. I think this is the best one so far.”


Nisbet added one of the key points to this festival is the volunteers.


“Everyone expects this every year, so we get more and more people,” she said. “Everyone gets a nice drive through the hills and hollows.”


“I think it is great to have this in Springwater,” Nisbet continued. “Some small towns don’t have this. They bring new people in and get lots of business for the local vendors. People get to learn about Springwater. We are keeping local businesses alive.”


Shepard Honey and Maple Owner Patty Sheppard of Wayland makes most of the products herself. They have only been in business a couple of years.


“My husband, Steve, is a beekeeper,” she said. “We wish there were more around this area, but he enjoys it.”


Shepard was ordering containers for the honey and maple products and noticed kits.


“I saw all of these kits for crafts and got started on them,” she said. “I make candles, lip balm, and body butter. I am working on face wash, deodorant, and sugar scrub.”


4J’s NVR Better Speciality Sauces co-owners Vincent Guererri and Robert Hatfield of Geneva were selling their father’s special barbecue sauces.


“I came up with the strawberry idea about 10 years ago,” Guererri said. “We were told if we bottled it up and sold it we would make a ton of money. We started out putting it in mason jars, but now we have it in bottles.”


Guererri added this is their first time being at the festival, and they think Springwater is gorgeous.


“This is a great way to meet people, and get out of Geneva,” he said. “We want to dig our roots in deeper.”


Guererri said he would like to open up his own barbecue restaurant at some point, and he would feature his family barbecue sauces.  


Patricia Overmoyer of Bloomfield had her photography available at the event.


“I like to take digital photos,” she said. “I take them all the time. It is mostly nature and still life.”


Overmoyer’s favorites are the natural abstracts she gets out in the woods.


“I have always loved this festival,” she said. “You got great music and nature trails. I love when they have the music jams in the woods. I have come to all but one of them. It has grown a lot.”


Anna Overmoyer, Patricia’s daughter, said she loves the festival too. She is an artist as well, and her her crafts available.


“The paintings I did are a new thing,” she said. “I went on a pilgrimage to Ireland and lived there for a year. I saw a lot of things I never noticed, and took the photos home to paint from.”


In Ireland, Anna Overmoyer was hired to illustrate a Fairy Trail.


“They had just opened it up and had fairy houses that had the traditional fairy living there,” she said. “My dad is an architect, my brother is a musician, my mother is a photographer, and I do this. The fairies are my favorite.”


Seven Spirits Farm Owner Jennifer Holbrook of Dansville has sheep and rabbits that she uses to make fabrics.


“They are really fun to make,” she said. “You can have fun making pretty much anything.”  


Holbrook said she has always loved the festival.


“You get great music, good food, and one on one interaction with people,” she said. “We have a lot of great people around us. This is a community effort.”


For more information on the Springwater Music Fair go to http://springwatermusicfair.org/.