Conservatives select Rev. Jason McGuire for their line

GENESEO — After a day where several potential candidates for the 133rd Assembly District seat declined, Republican Party leaders came up with a veteran.

Former State Assemblyman Joseph A. Errigo was tabbed by Republican Party chairmen from Monroe, Livingston and Steuben counties to run in the November election for the now-vacant seat.

On Friday, Assemblyman Bill Nojay was found dead in a cemetery in Rochester from a self-inflicted gun shot wound, Rochester City Police said. Nojay then won a primary on Tuesday posthumously.

Errigo was a Southern Tier assemblyman in a different district from 2000 to 2010. That district has since been changed.

While Republicans were meeting, the Conservative Party did the same and will put Rev. Jason McGuire of Lima up for the Nov. 8 election.

McGuire was at a state Conservative Party meeting in Brooklyn today and said his party was looking for a candidate all day as well. When he returned home and went to a meeting, he came out as the candidate.

"It's funny because we went into the meeting and we're looking for candidates, that's how we came down and it's where we are at! The most important thing for me is to keep the party strong and unified," McGuire said.

McGuire, the Livingston County Party chairman, said, "After tonight, then we'll lay low. Calling hours are tomorrow, then Bill is being buried. We need prayers for the family and let them grieve."

McGuire lived 11 years in the Steuben County town of Prattburgh and is now on the Monroe and Livingston county border. He said that helps him to know the district.

"I feel very-well positioned from being in those three places. I've been around the district and the state so I feel pretty good about it," he said. "Whenever a party stands for values, people respect that. I think we saw that with Bernie Sanders. People had respect for Bernie Sanders. I am diametrically opposed to his positions, but he stuck to them and people respect you when you stick to your values."

The Democratic candidate for the seat is Barbara Baer. Nojay had also earned the Independence Party and Reform party lines for the November election.