DANSVILLE — The local art community center has just celebrated their first year.


Dansville Artworks has brought culture, art, and entertainment to downtown. On Sept. 10 they opened their doors to all the people who have supported and believed in them.


George Guida has been in charge of the writer’s scene in the art center since December.


“It means poetry and writing gets to be a big part of the art scene in Dansville,” Guida said. “We are building a community of writers here.”


Guida said he enjoys pairing up out of town writers with local writers.


“I like to invite writers to come down and share their work,” he said.


Dansville Artworks Gallery Coordinator Lucus Nice said he loves the art center.


“It is good to have something like this in our community,” he said.


Nice said he believes if someone comes in to check out the art center they might be interested in the whole main street.


“I got a good amount of volunteers who help out, and we work together to make this place as successful as it can be,” he said. “We are going to continue to get involved in the community.”


Nice added that the community support is the biggest thing.


“It is great for them to see their neighbors, friends, and family up on our walls,” he said. “It is cool to bring people together.”


Dansville Artworks member Salome Farraro said she is proud of the community for supporting them.


“Any business needs the community to embrace it and participate in what it has to offer,” she said. “Even though we are a non-profit we still need income to keep the doors open.”



“We have shown what a community art center can be and what it can do,” Farraro continued. “We have reached this mile marker, and we can only get better.”


Farraro added the art center is a place where people can learn to create.


Dansville Artworks member Jeanne Gridley said she is excited they made it through the first year.


“We are definitely an asset to the community,” she said. “I can see us continuing to grow from here.”


Dansville Artworks President Nicole Alioto performed with Drastic Measures Woodwind Quintet for the celebration.


The band played Allegro Molto, Carmen Suite, Shenandoah, Rustic Holiday, Arabian Dance, Final Rag, and The Simpsons.


“I feel like we are building momentum … we made a lot of progress, but we are not done,” Alioto said.


Dansville Artworks member Deb Fenton said the art center is wonderful.


“We have come so far from being the small shop across the street to a full gallery and gift shop,” she said. “I love the variety of art we have. Dansville has needed a shop like this for a long time.”


“This brings life to downtown, and gives it a splash of culture,” Fenton continued. “It is such a wonderful addition to the community.”