The Livingston County Department of Health continues to strive to protect the health and safety of Livingston County residents. In response to the high lead levels in water at schools in Flint, Michigan, the Department sent a letter to local school superintendents encouraging them to voluntarily test the water for lead levels in their school districts. Livonia Central School District conducted the tests and notified the community regarding the results as some locations in the school district tested above the standard for safe amounts of lead in the water.


The Livingston County Department of Health is working to support Livonia Central School District. The Department continues to be a lead resource in lead poisoning prevention. “ The health of the community remains our top priority and we are pleased with Livonia’s efforts on testing and remediation process to achieve and sustain the highest quality drinking water for the community”, stated Jennifer Rodriquez, Public Health Director.“ According to the Livonia School District Superintendent, the district will be replacing the parts of the water fountains and sinks at the elementary school that had high levels of lead. The District will then retest the water to ensure the water is safe to consume.


The Livingston County Department of Health provides information regarding lead poisoning prevention and testing to the community throughout the year. The only way to know if your child has lead poisoning is to get a blood lead test. In New York State, all children must be tested for lead exposure at or around age one and again at age two.


In addition to testing, prevention efforts include frequent washing of children’s hands, toys, and pacifiers is helping in keeping lead from accumulating. The Livingston County Department of Health also recommends cleaning floors often with a damp mop, and use damp cloths to clean windowsills.


For the latest toy recalls from lead contents, please visit our website at to be sure your child does not have these toys. For more information on how to protect children from lead exposure, please call the Livingston County Department of Health at 243-7299 or visit