AVOCA — Poets have their own language and their words have a unique rhythm.


“A Simple Blues With A Few Intangibles” is the new book by poet George Wallace.


Wallace has taken his ability to play music and created a heartbeat with his poems.


“I've spent a little time exploring how obscure, dedicated musicians of the 50s working 'below the radar' contributed to the development and evolution of jazz,”he said. “... so rich and uniquely american an art form.”


The title of the new book comes from this concept.


“The title is in deference to them, and people like them, and the poem it comes from is a little snapshot of one such person,” Wallace said. “It's not a specific artist, it's a composite character created for the poem from more than one other person and what I imagined.”


Wallace believes poetry is about creating new facts out of what is imagined.


“Making a poem isn't reporting of simple facts, exactly. It's creating a new fact out of what is actual and what is imaginable,” he said. “Any work of art is a fact in and of itself, not by virtue of the ideas that went into its making.”


The character described in the title poem is Johnny Jackson, a blues man. Jackson had played all night long, all his life, in the same room, with the music of the universe passing through his body, and in the solitude of his own sweet madness, at home with the moon.


“A Simple Blues With A Few Intangibles” is available pre-order at Foothills Publishing website www.foothillspublishing.com/2016/wallace.html for $16. It will be released August 15.


George Wallace is editor of Poetrybay, co-editor of Great Weather for Media, author of 29 previous collections, since 2011 he has served as writer in residence at the Walt Whitman Birthplace in West Hills, First poet laureate of Suffolk County and 2015-16 Laureate of the Connecticut-based International Beat Festival, he is an adjunct professor of English at Pace University in Manhattan and Westchester Community College.