When I was a little girl there use to be a video rental store on every corner.


In my day VHS tapes were around, and VCR’s were hard to afford. Rental stores would allow you to rent a VCR with your movies, so you could actually watch them.


It was a big deal.


Especially when mom could afford our first VCR, and we discovered we could record cartoons, shows and movies off the television.


There seemed to be 1,000s of movies to choose from when we would walk into the store, and mom would allow my little brother and I to pick out one or two.


Once VHS tapes started to die out ...  big rental stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video would have DVD’s and VHS tapes available.


There came a time when VHS tapes died out entirely, and we were left with DVD’s and Blu Rays.


The same rules applied.


We had to rent a DVD player with our movies until we could afford one ourselves.


Our video library at home became a DVD library, which trickled in Blu Rays.


Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are now empty parking lots, and ghosts of our childhood past.


The echoes of happy children, cool teenagers, and frustrated adults can still be heard within their walls.


Family Video is the new Blockbuster.


There are still a few of them in existence, like some historic treasure found in a dark cave.


Family Video allows all sorts of incentives to keep customers happy, and keep its head above water.


Once I agreed to move down to Dansville I was disheartened to find there was no Family Video, but there was a Home Video.


This was a security blanket.


I found Home Video had some blasts to the past I enjoyed revisiting.


It became a way to unwind after a long day at work.


I enjoyed getting the new releases when they were available, and getting the oldies-but-goodies when they weren’t.


With the demise of the Dansville Home Video it seems we are approaching an end of an era.


Now we must become accustomed to Netflix, which takes an eternity to get new movies, or spend a fortune on iTunes.


We can watch our movies on our smartphones and laptops. We can get movies on demand, and take them with us everywhere we go, on all of our devices.


Technology has taken something away from us … under the guise of giving us more options.


It has taken away the magic of using your rental card, finding that perfect movie, and taking it home to enjoy.


Call me old fashion, but I still like renting a movie, and watching it on my TV.


(Jasmine Willis is a reporter for the Genesee Country Express)