WAYLAND — Having spent several years in a small town, being raised in a big family, and discovering the path that led him to his dreams, Reality Star and Author Phillip W. Sheppard wants to send a message home.


Phillip W. Sheppard has written his first book entitled “The Legend of Things Past” which is available on Amazon for $2.99 E-edition and $9.99 for paperback.


As created and conceptualized by Phillip W. Sheppard creator of “Phillip Sheppard The Specialist” character and co-collaborator on the conceptualized Storylines, based on his life in Santa Monica as a former Special Agent and Army Specialist, the persona and inspiration of this novel and his brother Charles P. Sheppard, Author of, “Phillip Sheppard The Specialist, The Costa Rica Job, Third Edition” available for a limited time on Amazon for $.99 E-edition.


He is planning to come to Wayland, Rochester, Springwater, and Hornell June 27 until July 6 for various book signings, and to help with a charity of his choice.



‘The Specialist’ is a character he created for himself while starring in CBS Survivor on two separate occasions.



“Charles always wanted to write a book,” The Survivor-contestant said. “I had him create the world for my character that is based on my life. A lot of people know by reading it in California that is all about me.”


Charles P. Sheppard wrote this to his brother at the end of the novel.


“Hey, Phillip, I slept on all our talks about agreements and such. I don't want or need a 50 percent  in the Specialist works I am directly involved in, as an author. Just the exposure is good enough for me. I know I have the talent to build on that foundation . If I fail to capitalize , then shame on me. I think any 50 percent stake in the first book (what would have gone to me) should be used to build the brand,” he said. “It should be re-invested, double-downed, for the next dice roll Specialist 2, 3, etc... It makes sense. In fact, if you do what I am saying, you could potentially set yourself up for the remainder of your spin on the planet. I already know, if I ever hit you up for a chunk, it’s lickety split. I am not “tripping” or anything.  Phil, I am set for life already. I have more than what 90 percent of all the people on the planet have.”


“‘The Legend of Things Past” is a sci-fi novel that Sheppard plans to turn into a big motion picture in the near future.


You can find both of his books here The Specialist and The Legend of Things Past


In talking with Sheppard on his experience with the hit reality show it felt like he would be willing to go back to that island someday. While roller-skating in Santa Monica, he was discovered by TV network CBS to become part of the 22nd season of Survivor called “Redemption Island.” He also made a second appearance in the show's 26th season, “Survivor: Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites.” Watch Sheppard Make Crispy Rice


Sheppard did share with Genesee Country Express that he and 20 other Survivor Contestants will be featured on ‘The Price Is Right’ in mid-May, and he is looking forward to seeing his friends again. This has never been done before in the shows history.


Sheppard was born March 12,1958 in Philadelphia Pa. one out of 12 children. His father was a US Marine who worked at Kodak, and moved the family to Atlanta, Ga. in 1963. They moved to Springwater in 1968 shortly after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, and Sheppard got involved with theater and various sports. It is the time he spent at Wayland that he holds dear to his heart.


“Everyone knew me in Wayland,” he said. “I went to the Wayland High School, and my brother James is a former police chief and a legislator. I owe my integrity to the Wayland/Springwater area.”


Sheppard added everyone cared about him and his siblings. He mentioned how they never went hungry, and were always invited into people’s homes.


“I had the pleasure of living in a small town,” he said. “I grew up with the Harris boys, and we stayed out of trouble. I could go to anyone's home and get a good meal. We had integrity and dignity, and learned to work very hard.”


It was a bittersweet farewell when  Sheppard picked up his belongings and moved to South California in 1975 were a few of his siblings were. From this point on Sheppard wanted to let his family and friends know what he had achieved in his time away. He supported himself working at Aunt Tillys Healthfoods Emporium and at 20 Century Insurance as a clerk. Prior to joining the Army. Sheppard said it was an honor to be in the US Army.


Sheppard finished high school in California and joined the US Army during Peacetime in 1982, at a very young age. He won many medals and received high honors. He was honorably discharged in 1989. His awards include: Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Expert Grenade Badge, and Army Sharpshooter.


After his time in the US Army, Sheppard become a Federal Agent for the National Crime Information Center in Washington D.C. He was a Specialist in the Army, and became a Special Agent.


Sheppard was an Army Specialist at National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Special Agent with Defence Investigative Service, Naval Investigative Service and with Counter Intelligence Department of State briefly.


For many years Sheppard served his country, and he reflects on it with a great source of pride. He is now working all over the United States in technology enterprise sales.


Sheppard has a 22-year-old son, Marcus and 28-year-old daughter named Sherry-Ann that are his source of pride.


Holly Hoffman, author and fellow Survivor Contestant, reviewed ‘The Specialist’ and wrote an inspirational forward.


“He is a man full of adventure, intelligence, and charisma, with a charm and personality that feels contagious,” Hoffman wrote. “This is a ‘must read.’ This book will answer all your questions about who The Specialist really is. As I read it I couldn't help but think about how proud I felt of Phillip.”


Charles Sheppard gave some insight into the novel he created for his older brother.


“My brother, Phillip Sheppard, conceptualized ‘The Specialist,’ and my job was to build a credible world around the character he thought up for himself. This book has my brother as the protagonist.”


There are many people who inspired Phillip W. Sheppard in his time here, but he had a lot of help from Kiah Danielle, a sci-fi expert, and editor on his first novel.


“I see myself as a storyteller,” he said. “I am known for being in several plays at Wayland High School, and when I come up with a good idea I need to write it down.”


Sheppard also writes many articles and a couple columns for the Neworld Review. The Santa Monica resident is very proud of the article he wrote on President Barack Obama’s photographer.  He has done voiceovers for Verizon and did a funny skit that got many views Developmental Hell Epi. 05 (PG)


Check out Phillip Sheppard on Phillip W. Sheppard Facebook and follow on Twitter @PSheppardTV.  


“I always talk about how great it was to grow up in a small town,” Sheppard said. “That is why I like Santa Monica, because everyone knows everybody here. I want the young people to know that they can do anything. I want them to know they can write about anything in their lives, and share those experiences with the world.”


Sheppard wants to thank his family and friends in particular Theresa Sheppard Alexander, Patricia Ruth Sheppard, Aaron Cooperband, Dan Zuckerman and the entire Survivor Family.