INTERSTATE 390: A Rochester man faces felony charges stemming from an incident on May 17 during a traffic stop. 


Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty said Robert Santos, 32 is charged with  Felony tampering with evidence and Felony identity fraud.


Deputy Shawn Whitford  said the operator of the vehicle identified himself as Isidoro J. Rivera, born June 21, 1974. A check of Rivera's NYS Driver's license showed that he was driving while having a suspended license.


The man was arrested for aggravated third-degree unlicensed operation and transported to Central Booking at the Livingston County Jail. After arriving at the jail it was discovered that he had been in possession of marijuana as well as suspected cocaine. The man did admit to consuming the marijuana and it was then found that he had concealed the substances in his person and did flush the remaining down the toilet while in temporary holding.


Also while in the custody of the Livingston County Jail, an inquiry booking was conducted by jail staff and the finger prints secured did show that the male arrested was in fact named Roberto Santos. Santos had given Deputies the false name of Isidoro Rivera. Santos was additionally charged with  second-degree criminal impersonation and second-degree forgery, a class E Felony, for signing a false name to the given finger prints that were not accurate.


Santos was secured and held at the Livingston County Jail awaiting arraignments in Geneseo Village Court for the second-degree forgery charge and Avon Town Court for the charges that occurred on Interstate 390.


Livingston County Assistant District Attorney Justin Hill was contacted for a bail recommendation. ADA Hill recommended that Santos should be held without the possibility of bail due to him having numerous prior Felony convictions.


Santos was arraigned on May 18 in Geneseo Court before Judge Houston and also in Avon Court before Judge Piampiano. Both Judges ordered Santos held at the Livingston County Jail without possibility of bail.