DANSVILLE — Dansville Central welcomed a new member to their Board of Education during a recent board meeting.

Margaret Foster will be replacing long-time board member David Mapes.

Foster accepted the oath into office at the October meeting, and began her duties immediately.

In other business each board member was able to bring something to the table.

Board member John Leuzzi announced his construction of the Murder Mystery Mayhem production and how much he is enjoying that.

Board member Daniel Bishop will be heading to a conference in New York City.

Board member Matt Crane had a very interesting message for the school.

“We are getting a Prison Young Association Program,” he said. “It will be an all day program with groups from fourth to tenth graders who will talk to 10 or 12 inmates about their life story.”

“The inmates will reach the youth in this area,” Crane added. “It will also be for other districts to drive this program. BOCES is excited to work with us. It will make the kids think about their future.”

The program will allow students to understand what will happen to them if they go down this path.

“The prison is looking forward to it,” Crane said. “I can get you a gate clearance to see it if you like.”

There is no set date as of yet, but the school is eager to get this program started.

Superintendent Paul Alioto is very pleased with the first Wall of Pride coming up Oct. 24 at the American Legion in Dansville.

“The Wall of Pride is nearly sold out,” he said. “We have had a tremendous amount of support. Business after business is making a donation to sponsor the event. We have received a dozen 100 dollar and 500 dollar donations. We will acknowledge all of them at the event. All of the honorees will be at the event, and will have plaques hung up in the high school. The American Legion has been fantastic getting us ready for the event.”

Alioto also mentioned the 2016-17 school year budget getting onway.

“The budget process needs to be approved in November. We build budget requests and will be doing something different this year,” he said. “We started with an inflated two million dollars and shave it down, and cut away. This will be done in a positive way. We need to see what it will cost to maintain programs and staff.”

As they begin the process they will have time in January and February to see the needs.

“It makes it easier to go through the budget process,” President Mary Ann Holden said. “The two million dollars we are cutting at is not there to begin with. We are going at it in this direction, and adding a less stressful way to budget.”

Alioto added the budget will not cut staff or programs.

“We still want to keep the tax cap under two percent,” he said.

With a new board member now checked off the to-do list there is still a need for a high school principal.

“Tom Frazier is doing a fantastic job filling in as interim high school principal,” Alioto said. “We are very happy with him, and when we do a through search in the winter he is welcome to stay.”

There will be only one meeting in November and December, both on the third Tuesday of the month.