DANSVILLE — The popular fancy restaurant that overlooks Brae Burn is thrilled to welcome their new chef to town.

General Manager and Executive Chef Shawn Prouty really appreciates the opportunity to work the way he has always wanted to.

“We had a very good first weekend,” he said.

Prouty understands the importance of this kind of restaurant in a small town.

“I grew up in Bloomfield,” he said. “I prefer the small town feel. You get to know everyone within about five minutes of meeting them. I hope the community accepts what I am trying to do here.”

Before Scovill's Grill, Prouty worked at Penfield Pourhouse, Lima Country Club, and various mom and pop type restaurants. Prouty has been a chef for about 20 years, and loves what he does.

“This (business) is what gives me my paycheck,” he said. “They give me my life, and I am proud of what I do.”

Everything is made from scratch, and comes from local businesses. Whiteman Meat Packing provides the meat, and Fitzpatrick Produce provides the vegetables and fruit.

“You got to support everyone,” Prouty said. “It is hard to get a butcher anymore, so it is nice to have a butcher in town.”

Prouty got his start as a cook at a very early age.

“My grandma started teaching me when I was five, and my mom was head chef at the Lima Country Club,” Prouty said.

Prouty met with Scovill's Grill owners, Michelle and Chris Paroda through his girlfriend.

“The previous chef had put in his notice, so my girlfriend talked to Michelle about me,” he said. “They got my information from my girlfriend and I met with Michelle. We connected right away, and she lets me do what I want. My last job was not so adventurous, but here I love to come to work everyday. Everyday I get up with a smile.”

Right now everything is so busy that Prouty is looking for another cook. This would be a part-time lunch prep.

“I am going for the new-old-school Italian dishes,” he said. “Our signature dish now is the Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Pork Chops. I have been down at Whiteman's a lot for meat.”

There is a great option available for vegetarians as well. Everything is made fresh, and a new menu is available that Prouty created himself.

“We have something for everyone,” he said. “If there is something someone wants and I have the means to do it I will make it for them. If I can't make it for them I will talk to them about making something close to what they want.”

They are already busy with parties, since there are eight booked for November. They offer a quiet room away from the rest of the patrons for these parties.

“My goal is to get everyone to come in at least once,” Prouty said. “I would like everyone to give me the opportunity to have their business.”

Prouty now lives in Honeoye Falls, which is about a 40 minute drive to work every day, but he doesn't mind.

“I am here at 8 a.m until 10 p.m every day,” he said. “I will cook something for someone if they come after dinner hours, and will not turn anyone away.”

From day one (Oct. 14) Prouty has loved everything about working at Scovill's Grill.

“People have accepted me with open arms,” he said. “Michelle and Chris are the nicest bosses I have ever worked for.”

There will be take-out menus soon, new drinks, and more wine and beer choices. The bar is open about until two hours after the dining room closes. The prices for lunch are about $9 to $11 and the prices for diner are about $15 to $20.

“The idea is to give everyone the feeling of Rochester without having to drive an hour to get there,” Prouty said. “Every community needs that one place you can go to like this. Scovill's has an amazing menu and beautiful atmosphere.”

No one has to wait very long for a table here, Prouty makes sure the food is cooked quickly, and no one has to wait an hour to eat their meal.

Scovill's Grill, 60 Red Jacket Street, Dansville can be reached at 585-335-2601.The fall and winter hours are Mon. closed, Tues. through Thurs. open 11 a.m to 9 p.m., Fri. and Sat. 11 a.m to midnight., and Sun. 11 a.m to 9 p.m. For more information and to see the menus the website is www.60redjacketstreet.com