Halloween is a time for scary movies, and there are a lot out there from which to choose. The ladies of the Daily Reporter revealed the scariest movies they’e ever seen and why they are scared of them.

• Loni Pye — Book Keeper and Office Manager
“I don’t watch scary movies, but in my twenties, I watched “Predator” (1987) Just the thought of an alien ripping your skin off and eating you scares me.”

• Bridget Wixson — Sales
“Don’t laugh at me, When I was a little kid the “Wizard of Oz” (1939) really freaked me out. It was the flying monkeys. I don’t like monkeys today and when I see the movie I start shaking.”

• Jessi Pye — Reception/Classified
“The Grudge” (2004) is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. Things kept falling out of the ceiling. I can’t go into a room without looking up.”

• Kathryn Ross — Reporter/wknd.Editor
“That’s easy, “Psycho” (1960). I never take a shower in a hotel or motel room without thinking about the shower scene. But I never opened my eyes during “The Brain Eaters” (1958) either.

• Marty Harrison — Sales
“I don’t watch scary movies much because my boyfriend always finds just the right moment during the movie to get me. But a couple of months ago we watched  “Afflicted” (2013) It really scared me. It was freaky the way the guy changed into a vampire.”

While the brave men of the Daily Reporter practically in unison said, “I’d have to think about it.”  askmen reports the Ten Scariest Movies of All Time are: 10-“Psycho,” 9-”Alien,” 8-”Jaws,” 7-”The Others,” 6-”Rosemary’s Baby,” 5-”Halloween,” 4-”The Shining,” 3-”Seven,” 2-”The Silence of the Lambs,” and number 1-”The Exorcist.”