WELLSVILLE — In May, "American Pickers" picked Wellsville and the Mather Homestead to visit. There, they met David Cobb, son of Barbara Cobb, the niece of the late Barbara Williams. Williams and her husband, Glenn, lived at 343 N. Main St. and established a music room and taught braille at the residence that came alive that May day.


“They said that out of 70 sites they had visited, that this was their top pick,” said Barbara Cobb. Cobb said she figures it must be true because "American Pickers" will open its 2015 season with a segment called "Like Father, Like Daughter" which will feature Williams and home. The show is set to air at 9 p.m. Wednesday on local Channel 54, The History Channel.


The commercial showing the pickers, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, features an elephant. The elephant was part of the decorations from Barbara Williams' father’s restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio. A friend of the family, Tony Sarg, a professional puppeteer and illustrator from the first half of the 20th century, painted murals for the restaurant's walls and hung lights, fashioned as elephants, giraffes and tigers, in the dining room.


“They didn’t really buy very much and I was surprised at what they did buy — some chairs, an old bicycle and a weather vane,” said Cobb, who spent a 12-hour day with Wolfe and Fritz and about a dozen production people.


“They did say that they loved Wellsville and thought it was very attractive and Mike ate a lot of Texas Hots that day,” she said, although lunch was from the Beef Haus.


While they visited Wellsville, the Pickers also traveled to Whitwood Motors, where Williams’ 1937 yellow Cord, often seen in local parades, is stored.


“Mike really liked the Cord,” said Cobb.


Cobb said a couple of weeks after the visit, the producers asked her to send some high-definition scans of old photos of Williams growing up and that they expressed amazement about the number of photos and how quickly they were sent. Cobb said her impression is that much of the program will be about Williams.


She said the producers told her she would be receiving a DVD of the show, but she thought she’d receive it before the show aired. She hasn’t, but she has talked with Eileen Tecza, director of the David A. Howe Public Library's Nancy Howe Auditorium, to make arrangements to show the DVD in the auditorium once she does receive it.


Cobb added that she is looking forward to seeing the show.