This letter has been a long time coming, but I believe it is a message that somebody has to say publicly. To his credit, Bill Nojay, a radio talk show host and our State Legislative member, has touched on the issue. That being the role that Senior Presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett has played, along with Barack Obama, in the recent possible betrayal of our country in dealing with Iran over the nuclear arms deal.

Valerie Jarrett is only one of several truly evil people brought into the White House by Barack Obama and her involvement in the Agreement with Iran has nothing but totally disastrous consequences coming for America and all of our friends in the Middle East and North Africa. Besides providing the opportunity for Iran to complete development of a nuclear bomb and the missiles with which to deliver the bomb we are also going to:

- Provide the funds for their continuing nuclear research;

- Protect both the bomb’s development and missile launch sites from attack;

- Provide a payment of $150 - $160 billion to Iran that can be used to expand their support of militant Muslim terrorists against our friends in the Middle East and Africa as well as Europe and here at home;

The part of this that is strictly my opinion is the impact that the early upbringing of both Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett has had on what they both seem to believe and upon what they base their actions today. They were both born and/or raised in Muslim countries during the formative years of childhood. Obama was born in Hawaii (maybe) but was taken by his mother to live in Indonesia. Jarrett was born in Iran, yes Iran, and her parents lived there for several years during her childhood, which was their choice to live in and learn from a radical Muslim culture.

Is it any wonder that they both may harbor sentiments for their Muslim heritages. Is it also any wonder that we have never heard the two words “Muslim” and “Terrorist” mentioned together from this White House?

It is very obvious where the sympathies of Valerie Jarrett lie when you see where she chose to make her mark in politics. She joined the Socialist machine in Chicago at the age of 32 and quickly moved up to be deputy chief of staff to Mayor Richard Daley and history has marked his reign of corruption. Of course, Jarrett’s name continued to appear as a paid member on the boards of trustees for several public and private organizations during that time that were enriched by monies coming through Chicago City government.

We, and all other freedom loving peoples around the world, are headed for several years of economic turmoil and terrorist attacks because of the damage caused by Obama and his truly evil associates. And who is it that permitted this to happen? The voters who twice sent Obama to Washington so as to line their own pockets with handouts from the golden goose.

It now appears that these selfish folks may have slain and eaten the goose.

Brian L. Miller