ANDOVER — Whether they were there for the first time or had taken part in Tough Mudder before, roughly 10,000 people descended on Kent Farms/Tall Pines ATV Park to take up the challenge this weekend, according to information from Tough Mudder this week.

“I’d definitely do it again,” said Dave Stookey, part of a four-person team from the Rochester area which completed the course Saturday.

“Next time, I wouldn’t twist my ankle so many times — a lot of rocky trails you’re running on,” said Stookey, a first-time participant.

Stookey and three other coworkers at Xerox in Rochester formed a team. They said they were doing Tough Mudder as friends, not to represent the company. Stookey’s teammates were Chris Pattison, Shannon Yi and Matthew Crouteau.

“It’s fun. It’s a challenge. We do other runs together around Rochester,” Pattison said.

Yi said, “Most of the walls are challenges for me. There are four or five and sometimes they throw up a few walls just between obstacles, just for fun.”

Allegany County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Gretchen Hanchett noted there were a lot of activities happening this weekend. She said she likes the way Tough Mudder and Wellsville’s Main Street Music Fest complement each other well.

“I hope they (the Music Fest) pull in more people from that. It gives our Tough Mudder people something to do at night,” Hanchett said.

As for working with Tough Mudder, she said, “There’s a new group this year at Tough Mudder, so we’ve had to familiarize ourselves with this new group. Things seem to be coming into place. We’re excited about it.

“It (Tough Mudder) brings some great people from different walks of life. It’s really nice to see the participation and the support Allegany County gets from them. It’s like ‘no man left behind.’ People are there for teamwork,” Hanchett said. “Sunday, they have a nice show too. I’m anxious to see it. It’s been nice to pull all those things together.”

Hanchett said having Mini Mudder for kids adds a lot to the event in general and gives children something age-appropriate and safe to do.

As far as lodging, Hanchett Wednesday said there may have been a few rooms left in Cuba. She said the chamber made calls during the week to check on the status of lodging.

“I think what you’ll see is more of an increase in campground (use) with this group,” she said. “We’re doing a survey to find out what’s left. I don’t know why they (lodging places) wouldn’t fill up.”

Tough Mudder is also an opportunity for the county to highlight some of its other businesses, she said.

“We’re very thankful for what Kent Farms/Tall Pines bring to Allegany County. They’re very community-minded,” Hanchett said.