Sometimes sifting through a Facebook feed is a nightmare, someone complaining about something trivial or someone asking me to play a game I didn't like as a board game and I certainly don't want to play on my phone or computer.

That being said, we still love our friends and enjoy the occasional post that makes us smile or inspires us.

And it seems only a select few were lucky enough to have Shaun Dixon as a friend.

From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day, Shaun was going to inform you, inspire you and make you turn an embarrassed shade of red as you hoped no one else was looking over your shoulder at what he posted. In one of the most dramatic feeds I have ever seen, Shaun documented his third open heart surgery. He was so full of candor, humor and life. As he was wheeled out of his room and into the operating room the posts stopped.

I had heard he might not have made it. The first thing I saw on Facebook was a photo of Shaun being wheeled away at Rochester General Hospital. His sister, Crystal Dixon-Swanson simply wrote, "please come back."

My spirits dropped.

Shaun was dead at age 46.

His obituary said he died unexpectedly.

That's exactly how Shaun lived his life — you never knew what to expect.

See, Shaun was a celebrity in Rochester but one of the guys in Dansville.

A week didn't go by where he wasn't breaking a story on the Kimberly & Beck Show or getting laughs out of Brother Wease. All from his home in Perkinsville.

A 1987 Wayland graduate, Shaun drove a truck after college and was also a licensed real estate agent.

As fate would have it, his heart shut down his ability to work, but it opened up his heart to the rest of us.

If you were having a bad day over the past few years, Shaun would remind you it was better than eating hospital food going through tests. He hated selfies but he loved taking photos of his surroundings at the hospital so you could appreciate what he was going through to deliver humor, one-liners or the news to you every day.

The photos didn't have Shaun, but most featured one dirty hospital-issued sock. They also didn't include the hospital staff or other patients.

However, Shaun was such an excellent writer, without a filter, you could almost picture what the nurse looked like he wrote of, or the grumpy person in the bed next to him. You followed his stories through surgery. You agonized over his pain, you cheered when he came out. You laughed when the nurse snuck him food and candy and made sure the grumpy patients knew they weren't getting any.

As soon as he had the OK to be on his feet, he was back reporting incidents and accidents to the radio stations from the scene. Meanwhile the rest of us were shaking our heads, wondering how he got the story first as we played catch-up.

I remember one of our reporters getting upset over a castle-sized smoke cloud covering the town from the King of Corn. Shaun was on the phone before the ink was dry defending his town, his friends and the Dansville way of life.

Shaun was supposed to die in 2012 and he knew it. On Oct. 5, 2012 he posted as much, saying he had no chance of making it.

But something pulled him through.

His daughter, Caylin, who he wanted to see continue to thrive at Wayland-Cohocton and graduate. He wanted her to have the best graduation party ever.

There are benefits for people with injuries or one open heart surgery. Going into this third, no one had raised money for Shaun. Why? He refused.

Shaun once posted, "Another day another dollar. Wait, there is no dollar and I'm not sure where my next one is coming from but you'll see no gofundme account set up here captioned with my sad story."

Kimbery and Beck made it a point on their radio show to devote a segment to Shaun this week. They even read his last wishes, which sounded funny on the radio but we aren't allowed to put in print!

He did write about a parade down Main Street, which friends were pall bearers and exactly which John Deere tractor he would be on.

However, that was in 2012.

To those who know Shaun, know he really only had one wish, to see Caylin graduate. He did.

Now, those same friends have circled July 25 on their calendar. That was the day Shaun was throwing her a graduation party.

This weekend, next week and on the 25th, Shaun's life and his hilarious jokes and one-liners will be told over and over again.

They will never get old.

Earlier this week, Shaun wrote, "Ok, tomorrow morning for the third time in my life they will slit my chest open, stop my heart and work on it all day long and into the night. I sure do hope this all works out, again."

We all did.

(John Anderson is the Regional Editor of Dansville's Genesee Country Express, the Hornell Evening Tribune, Sunday Spectator and Wellsville Daily Reporter)

See Shaun's obituary here: