GENESEO — The Livingston County Board of Supervisors has chosen not to reappoint the Democratic Election Commissioner, Laura Schoonover, for another four-year term, despite her being the unanimous choice of the Democratic County Committee.

New York State Election Law requires that two County Election Commissioners be appointed by the Board at the recommendation of the County Committees of the two largest parties in New York.

Judith Hunter, the Livingston County Democratic Committee Chair, noted that "As a matter of both custom and comity, the Board traditionally accepts the choices of the county committees to run the Board of Elections. It is disappointing to say the least that the current Board has decided to abandon that tradition and reject our Commissioner.

"Laura Schoonover has served the voters of Livingston County loyally and well for 27 years, first as a Deputy Commissioner and as Commissioner since 2009. She was the unanimous recommendation of our Committee when it came time for her to start another term. But the Board chose to ignore those factors, which forces us to recommend someone else for the position.

"We deeply regret that the Board has forced us to do this, both because of what it means personally for Laura but also because Election Law gives the County Committees the responsibility of selecting Commissioners, which the Board then votes on. For the Supervisors to blatantly ignore the wishes of the Democratic Party in Livingston County is troubling, indeed."

The Livingston County Democratic Committee will meet soon to make another recommendation for Election Commissioner.

"We regret the necessity, but this is what Election Law requires under the circumstances," said Hunter.