DANSVILLE— There were rows upon rows of people, cars, riders and spectators and the familiar sound of 100 motorcycle engines at the annual Poag’s Hole Professional Motorcycle Hill Climb Sunday in Dansville.

This huge event featured some of the best Hill Climb riders in the country. There were several riders in each class, some of which featured over 35 riders. Most riders were part of the American Motorcyclist Association Pro Racing.

The Poag’s Hole Hill Climb is annually one of the most challenging hills, as well as offers the best crowd atmosphere, according to some riders.

“(Poag’s Hole) is always a tough hill,” one rider told the crowd. “It’s a challenge and it’s an awesome atmosphere.”

Several spectators also traveled from around the U.S., some even as far away South Carolina.

“We make it up to Poag’s Hole every summer because it’s such a great ride,” said motorcycle rider Jack and Nancy Zarzeki, from South Carolina. “It’s always one of the most entertaining hill rides in the country.”

There were several different styles of race up the hill. One featured a tournament-style one versus one furthest or fastest up the hill. Another was a competition to see who could make it all the way up the hill.

The 10-foot long bikes sometimes flew up the hill, others would take a more cautious approach. Some made it all the way to the finish line, others probably felt like they had fallen on the side of a cliff. The crowd loved and cheered every minute of it. Of course, the crowd is always the loudest when the t-shirt cannon is about to go off.

It’s easy to understand why the line of cars waiting to get in started well before 9 a.m.— when the gates officially opened— and lasted until after 2 p.m.

The local vendors are given a section to sell food, and other merchandise. It brings a professional sporting event to Dansville. And Poag’s Hole always lives up to it’s reputation.

“It’s always so fun to see who can make it up the hill,” said another rider. “Poag’s Hole is always one of the toughest and most fun hills we come up against. It’s a true test of our skill.”