RadiumOne's recently fired founder, Gurbaksh Chahal, just announced his next startup.

Chahal's fourth company is still in stealth mode and he has listed it on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin with the placeholder name, NewCo.

He's already done three ad technology companies. His first company was acquired for $40 million by ValueClick. His second, BlueLithium, was acquired by Yahoo for $300 million. RadiumOne is an ad tech company that was on track to go public.

Chahal was fired last week by the board after he became the focus of negative press. Last August, Chahal was charged with 45 felonies for allegedly kicking and hitting his former girlfriend. Those charges were dropped a few weeks ago and Chahal escaped jail time, however he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges, including one for domestic violence battery. 

Here's the announcement of his next startup:

Shortly after he posted the announcement, he posted a quote on his Facebook page about people wanting others to fail. It ends with the statement: "Success is the best revenge."

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