These middle grade reader and young adult books have recently crossed our desks.

These middle grade reader and young adult books have recently crossed our desks. ***** "NICK AND TESLA'S ROBOT ARMY RAMPAGE," by Bob Pfugfelder and Steve Hockensmith, Quirk Books, 215 pages, $12.99 (ages 8 to 12) This is a mystery with hoverbots, bristlebots and other robots you can build yourself. "CALL OF THE KLONDIKE," by David Meissner and Kim Richardson, Calkins Creek/Boyd Mills Press, $16.95, 165 pages (ages 8 to 12) This is the true story of two young prospectors who survive a dangerous journey in the Klondike goldfields. Photos and maps add to the interest of journal entries. "THE CARPET PEOPLE," written and illustrated by Sir Terry Pratchett, Clarion, $17.99, 289 pages (ages 8 to 12) This is the story of the microscopically small people who live in the carpet of our homes with their full lives and families. First published in 1971, it has been revised with additional surprises and intrigue. "THE QUIRKS IN CIRCUS QUIRKUS," by Erin Soderberg, illustrated by Kelly Light, Bloomsbury, $13.99, 223 pages (ages 8 to 12) The Quirk family is magical (well, except for Molly) and they've moved to Normal, Mich., and the circus comes to town. Several of the children plan to participate, and their secret may be out when a nosy neighbor gets involved. This is the sequel to "Welcome to Normal." "WHEN DID YOU SEE HER LAST?" by Lemony Snicket, Little, Brown and Company, $16, 277 pages (ages 8 to 14) This second book in his four-book All the Wrong Questions series continues 13-year-old Lemony Snicket's quest in solving the disappearance of his friend who he met while solving a mystery at Stain'd-by-the-Sea. "ANUBIS SPEAKS!" by Vicky Alvear Shecter and Antoine Revoy, Calkins Creek, $16.95, 114 pages (ages 9 to 12) Delve into ancient Egyptian beliefs, rituals and myths, and learn about the secrets of the old world, including mummification. "GABE & IZZY: Standing Up for America's Bullied," by Gabrielle Ford with Sarah Thomson, Dial, $16.99, 192 pages (ages 9 and up) Gabrielle Ford dreamed of being a dancer, but a muscle disorder cut her dreams short. As her illness progressed, she was bullied and miserable, and the adoption of a dog names Izzy helps her in this book based on their true experiences. "THE TWISTROSE KEY," by Tone Almhjell, Penguin/Dial, $16.99, 355 pages (ages 10 and up) When a mysterious parcel addressed simply to "Rosenquist" arrives at her family's rented house, Lin Rosenquist knows it must be for her. She uses the strange key inside the package to open the secret door in the cellar. "KILLER OF ENEMIES," Joseph Bruchac, Lee & Low, $19.95, 366 pages (ages 10 and up) A "work of speculative fiction" about Chiricahua Apache history and culture from one of America's great storytellers. "FROM NORVELT TO NOWHERE," by Jack Gantos, Macmillan, $16.99, 278 pages (ages 10 and up) The sequel to the Newbery Medal–winning "Dead End in Norvelt," this is a further look at Gantos' life during the Cuban missile crisis, but with humor and candor. "AWAKENING," by Karen Sandler, Lee & Low/Tu Books, $18.95, 390 pages (ages 10 and up) This is the sequel to "Tankborn," a science fiction futuristic thriller about genetically engineered non-humans and "trueborns." "THE APPRENTICES," by Maile Meloy, Penguin, $16.99, 407 pages (ages 10 and up) In this sequel to "The Apothecary," a young girl worries about her friend who is experimenting with a magical new formula that will let him communicate with her acorss the globe. This is a book of adventure and magic. "RAIN & FIRE: A Companion to the Last Dragon Chronicles," by Chris and Jay d'Lacey, Scholastic, $16.99, 282 pages (ages 10 to 12) A comprehensive companion guide to the seven books of the Last Dragon Chronicles that uncovers secrets and gives insights about the popular series. "AFTER IRIS," by Natasha Farrant, Dial, $16.99, 260 pages (ages 10-12) Iris is part of a dysfunctional family that meets tribulations with neighbors and sitters, all of which is documented on video camera sequences and diary entries. "LIFE IN OUTER SPACE," by Melissa Keil, Peachtree, $16.95, 316 pages (ages 10 to 12) When the "new girl" comes to school, Sam, the school geek, hardly notices until she becomes a part of his life, and, above all else, she likes "Star Wars." "ZEBRA FOREST," by Adina Rishe Gewirtz, Candlewick, $15.99, 200 pages (ages 10 to 14) A fugitive from jail holds 11-year-old Annie and her brother hostage in their own home. This is a thrilling mystery with a surprise ending. "THE OTHER SIDE OF FREE," by Krista Russell, Peachtree, $16.95, 253 pages (ages 10 to 14) Jem has escaped from slavery, but as the threat of war become real, he starts to understand the meaning of freedom and his role in making a community. "THE FIELD," by Tracy Richardson, Luminis Books, $15.95, 224 pages (ages 12 and up) Eric Horton has been having terrible dreams that wake him at night. He questions whether what he's seeing and hearing is reality or something far beyond it. "SECOND VERSE," by Jennifer Walkup, Luminis Books, $15.95, 288 pages (ages 12 and up) Mysterious and haunting things happen in a 200-year-old farmhouse. "INVISIBILITY," by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan, Penguin, $18.99, 358 pages (12 and up) Stephen has been invisible to others since his grandfather cast a spell on him. Then he moves with his mother to New York City, and suddenly he can be seen by a new neighbor, and the conflict of spells and curses comes to light with large sacrifices. 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