Detroit native Eminem joined ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger at halftime of last night's Michigan-Notre Dame game, and it was deeply weird.

The rapper seemed spaced out and was sparse with his words at first.

Herbstreit, apparently sensing what was going on, urged the production team to send it to commercial after a minute or two.

"Live TV freaks me out a little bit," Eminem said.

Here's the first part of the interview (more below):

Eminem got a little more responsive when they came back from commercial, but it was still awkward. Musburger tried to get him to talk about gambling and the Detroit Lions, and Eminem finished the segment by talking about how he has Musburger on his announcer fantasy team.

"I'm really uncomfortable right now," said Eminem to end the interview.

The rapper was on the broadcast to promote his new album. This is the danger of forced cross-promotion.

Part two:

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