Click inside to find out if the new chocolate Peepsters are worth buying for Easter.

Jennifer Mastroianni: I’ve never been a huge Peeps fan. Even as a kid, I’d con my little sister into trading me her malted eggs for my squishy marshmallow chicks.

But now, count me in as a fan. That’s because the fine folks at Just Born Candy have added an irresistible element: chocolate. It just goes to prove that everything, including squishy marshmallow chicks, is better with chocolate. Even better, however, are Just Born’s new Peepsters, little nuggets of quality chocolate with a smidgen of mallow creme at the center.

Dan Kane: If the thought of those fluorescent yellow and pink marshmallow Peeps makes you cringe, think again, especially if you are a chocolate fiend.

Just in time for the Easter season comes Peeps dipped in milk chocolate. They aren’t entirely coated. It’s more as if they’ve been swimming in a mud puddle. They’re surprisingly tasty. Full-out addictive are the Peeps Peepsters, sold in bags, which are Rollo-size solid, dark chocolates containing a small amount of marshmallow-flavored cream.