Weekly auto rail, with a look at the Volvo S60 Concept, bad-weather driving tips and more.


Future Cars: Volvo S60 Concept

Volvo Cars gave its fans a great Christmas present by unveiling the Volvo S60 Concept. The slick car will be on display for the first time at this year’s Detroit Auto Show (Jan. 11-25), and it’s expected to hit the market in 2010. The new S60 will feature a four-cylinder 1.6L petrol engine using Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (GTDi). For more details, go to www.volvocars.com.

Tip of the Week

Here are some tips from AAA on how to recognize a driving crisis:

When visibility is so limited that you can’t see the edges of the road or other vehicles at a safe distance, it’s time to pull off and wait for the weather to ease up. If you’re on an expressway, it’s best to stop at a rest area or exit the expressway and go to a protected area. If the roadside is your only option, pull off the road as far as you can, preferably past the end of a guardrail (vehicles parked at the side of the road are frequently stuck by other drivers). Respect the limitations of reduced visibility and turn headlights off and emergency flashes on to alert other drivers.

Did You Know

Japan’s auto production in November was the lowest it has been since 1967, the country reported.

Car Q&A

Question: I am interested in buying an older 1985 to 1990 Mercedes Benz diesel. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: The best advice is find a car you like, take it to the Mercedes dealer or shop that works on these older cars and have a complete evaluation done. Expect to pay $100 to $300 for a complete evaluation.

-- Junior Damato, Talking Cars columnist

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