Ticket to Work Employment Network set up at ULSTER WORKS OneStop with one-on-one counselor to assist with job training and employment


Kingston New York – February 21, 2012 :   The ULSTER WORKS OneStop Center is offering a program designed to help Ulster County’s SSI and SSDI benefits recipients instruction on how to get back to work.  A trained counselor is available at the OneStop to assist consumers how to reach out for employment, job training and how best to improve their efforts for self-sufficiency in the workplace.     An orientation session is scheduled for Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 2 pm at the OneStop at 601 Development Court (Albany Avenue) in Kingston. 

The workshop will explore work incentives available in the Ticket to Work Program established by the Social Security Administration that gives SSI and SSDI recipients assistance to increase their income and to provide them with training opportunities.   The trained counselor has a network of key employers who are willing and able to provide jobs.   Reservations are required so interested job seekers should contact:  Troy Snyder, Disabilities Resource Coordinator of the Ticket to Work Program at the Ulster Works OneStop Center on Albany Avenue at 845-331-7202.