Lighthouse TV23 just completed a 2 day workshop on field shooting the past week.
Participants learned tons about shooting in the field as well as had a fun time.  
The event was capped off by editing the footage shot  in Final Cut Pro for future airing on TV23.
Teams leaders: Bart Friedman, Michael Nelson, Ernie Mortunzans with technical support from Nigel Redman,
a special thanks goes out to you all.
We will have other workshops in the future so keep your eyes open.

Please note that our Summer Certification courses will begin in April, so make sure to let us know if you are interested in attend those classes by signing up by March 1st.
Email us at:  with your name and telephone number
These classes fill up fast, so don't wait and get locked out

This will be the fourth certification class that have offered to our residents,
and we are proud to say we have 36 volunteers here at TV23 who are trained to use the studio and field equipment.
At the end of the classes you can then sign out or book the studio for your own productions.

See you Soon !!!!