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  • Springwater Party Line: Bears, other wildlife sighted in town

  • Black bears are back and twice this week they have paid visits to neighbors on the west side. Two were observed on the old Stewart property in Websters Crossing and one paid an extended visit to the Canutes’ home on Harpers Ferry Road.

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  • Katherine writes:
    Having returned from a marvelous Mother’s Day “week,” I started questioning others about how their Mother’s Day went. Seems we all celebrated in our own way with family and enjoyed the time tremendously. I had the opportunity to hike on the ski trail that leads to Pixley Falls in Oneida County. Along the way we saw the ruins of the Black River canal locks, many of which are still in excellent condition. The portion that we traversed was about a mile from Pixley Falls, with its picturesque setting and rushing waters. Violets and dandelions were out in full force along the path.
    Those who attended the Springwater–Websters Crossing Historical Society meeting on Tuesday evening, May 8 learned that an “antique kitchen” exhibit will be the main draw to the museum for the Springwater Gala, now just a few weeks away on June 8-9. Be sure to put seeing this exhibit on your to-do list during the Gala. The Springwater–Websters Crossing Historical Society Museum is at 8130 South Route 15, Springwater, next to the Country Store.
    President Mark Hopkins of the Springwater Trails organization described the hike this way: “In spite of the weather predictions, the Springwater Trails’ Mother’s Day hike was warm, dry and pretty. Eighteen hikers participated including Pam Masterson’s daughter and grandchildren in the spirit of Mother’s Day. For many hikers, this was their first time hiking on the Letchworth branch of the Finger Lakes Trail and we got a different perspective on the beautiful gorge. The dogs were a bit surprised to see the birds soaring high above the Genesee River, but right at their eye-level as we stood on the rim of the gorge. Most of the hike was in mixed forest with trillium and mayapples all around. We all noticed how far down the river was — according to the National Weather Service, the water in the pool behind the Mount Morris Dam was 7 feet deep on Sunday, compared to 85 feet in depth a year ago. After the hike, everyone enjoyed hot dogs (expertly cooked by Jim Clark, just back from vacationing in Mexico), salads and desserts provided by the hikers. The park shelter near the dam served as an excellent spot for the evening social.
    Next week the Springwater Trails hike will be at Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area, part of the New York State Park system. It is off Canadice Hill Road in Ontario County, not far from Springwater. Trails range in difficulty from novice to expert. Newcomers are always welcome, so come join us before 2 p.m. More details will be available by the end of the week at springwatertrails.com or townofspringwaterny.org under calendars.
    Thursday, May 24, is the next Websters Crossing United Methodist Church Spaghetti Dinner and Music Jam. The dinner is 4:30-7 p.m. and the music will go on into the evening. Come and enjoy this dinner and music by donation. I hope to see you there!
    Page 2 of 3 - Judy writes:
    Black bears are back and twice this week they have paid visits to neighbors on the west side. Two were observed on the old Stewart property in Websters Crossing and one paid an extended visit to the Canutes’ home on Harpers Ferry Road. The young one who visited Harpers Ferry was a curious cub; sampling the contents of the bird feeder, checking out the windows and generally scoping out the property. It had a great time rolling around with the bird feeder eating the seeds. At one point it left the property crossing the stream, and then returned to rolling on the ground again trying to get more of the seeds from the bird feeder before departing for good. As Tom Canute Sr. related this event, I could not help but laugh since what he was saying about the cub’s behavior sounded very much like that of a curious toddler.
    It is time to put the birdfeeders away and secure your garbage cans. Also, protect your cats and dogs that may be outside in the evening and overnight. While the cubs are cute to observe, they are also rambunctious and usually there is a mother bear nearby who has no qualms defending her offspring by taking a swipe at things that get in the way. Years ago a neighbor lost his dog to a bear when the dog interrupted the bear getting into the garbage can. Never, ever approach one, even a small one as they can inflict serious injuries.
    A large coyote was also observed on Marvin Hill Road by the creek. Living in a rural area we often see wild creatures, but bears and coyotes can be extremely dangerous to humans, especially youngsters, so stay vigilant.
    Prayers are still requested for Kaydence Romero, granddaughter of Ward and Val Reamer, who underwent open heart surgery on April 19, and is still hospitalized. Her progress is slow and Mom and Dad are still keeping a daily vigil at the hospital. She will be three months old this week and may be hospitalized until June or longer.
    Only one new event on the community Calendar this week and that is the Ham and Leek Supper at the Springwater Rod and Gun Club on Saturday, May 19. Dinner will be served at 5 p.m. and a $5 donation is requested. This is an annual event and always a good time for everyone who attends.
    May is winding down and soon Memorial Day will be upon us. Many of us put our flags out during the spring, summer and early fall, and if you need replacements for flags that are tattered, torn or faded, the Springwater American Legion has a supply of good durable flags at reasonable prices. Old tattered and torn flags can be left at the Post on School Street for proper disposal in June on Flag Day.
    Page 3 of 3 - Our seasonal residents began arriving on May 1 with the opening of Holiday Hill Campground. We sincerely hope they enjoy their time with us and will take the opportunity to come to any of the events listed in this column.
    Have a great week!

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