The Saugerties Library Budget and Trustee Candidate vote will take place at the library on Washington Avenue, on Thursday, September 6, 2012, from 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM. The Budget is available for viewing online at The Total Income and Total Expense is set at $585,472.00. Seven Candidates for the Library Board of Trustees are vying for three positions, two five-year positions, and one one-year term to finish out Steve Crohn’s term. Crohn has resigned from the Board of Trustees and is moving out of Saugerties. The candidates are: Incumbent Elizabeth Hernandez, Cynthia Saporito, Cecelia Karashay, Jennifer Kavanaugh, Irene Hurst, Rita Ford, and Greg Sillins. Four candidates are featured in this week’s edition, and three more will be featured next Thursday, September 6, 2012.

Cynthia Saporito

"I was inspired to run as a candidate for library board of trustees because of my sense of commitment to give back to the community. I am Senior Vice President and COO at Sawyer Savings Bank. I am also Past President and board member for the Boys & Girls Club, and Past Secretary for Kiwanis Club. I feel that with my background and experience that I could benefit the Saugerties Public Library and the board of trustees."

Irene Hurst

"Because of the fact that I have a great deal of background in education, I feel that I can help the Saugerties Public Library to continue to grow. I believe that the library is the core of the community. I have a Doctorate in Literary Studies with a concentration of Community Literacy. I was a teacher, and an elementary school principal in a school district with a multi-million dollar budget supervising 65 staff. I am a community volunteer serving as public relations for the League of Women’s Voters and Friends of the Saugerties Public Library. I am also on the Scholarship Committee with Friends of the Saugerties Library. I am the wife of a career soldier and traveled with him for the first 15 years of his career, and saw many libraries all over the U.S. I saw how they grow and sometimes how they don’t grow, and how they serve people and how they fail to serve people."

Liz Hernandez

"I ran for the Board 5 years ago because I wanted to help make the library renovation a reality.  When I first became a member, we were in a very old building whose roof leaked.  The children's library would flood during a rainstorm, and the building was not ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant.  Five years later we have doubled the size of the library and it has become a hub of recreation for the mind.  
I am interested in staying on the Library Board because I would like to see through some of the initiatives that have been started since the opening of the new library.  We are working on policies for the use of the library, and our director, Sukrit Goswami, has ambitious plans to broaden services for the community.  As a member of the policy committee, and Chair of the personnel committee, I would like the opportunity to help accomplish these goals.  
Aside from the experience of being involved with the library expansion from its inception, I have been an active community member for the past 40 years.  I was President of the Grant D. Morse PTA; was employed there for 30 years, mostly as a library assistant, and also served as President of the Saugerties Educational Support Association.  These positions afforded me the opportunity to work with and get a true feel for the members of our community.  Aside from being an activist on the behalf of libraries, I share a kinship with the average taxpayer.  I like to think I bring their voice to the issues while the Board works together to maintain and improve the services our library provides."

Greg Sillins

"I found out that the Library was looking for Trustees and because I am constantly in the library, I thought this would be a great way to give something back to the place I frequent so often. So, I decided to offer myself back up to the community. I have a background in finance and information technology and networking. I practice quality assurance in educational software. My daughter grew up in the Saugerties Library. Because I have the opportunity to give back and with the current technology that I am very familiar with, I feel that I would be a great asset to the Board of Trustees."