This Sunday, August 26th at  5pm the Renwick Clifton house is celebrating the 200th anniversary of this historic, and breathtakingly beautiful Saugerties  home with a wine sip and silent auction to benefit the Saugerties Historical  Society.  Tickets are $25 each and are available at Smith Hardware, Town & Country Liquors and Cafe Mezzaluna.
Built above the Esopus Creek, where the creek meets the Hudson River, it  is assumed that John Watts Kearney is the original owner of the home  located at 27 Barclay St Saugerties. John was a well respected NYC merchant who married Ann Watts, the daughter of Robert Watts and Lady Mary Alexander, whose      

parents were  General William Alexander (Lord Stirling) and Sarah Livingston, of the Livingston family.
In 1830, John and Ann took residence in his summer home, now known as  the Renwick Clifton house.While residing in Saugerties, John Kearney joined forces and assisted his good friend and brother-in-law Henry Barclay in the creation of the damms and mills in the area.John and Henry were also responible for the erection of the Trinity Church. It should be noted that the home is built in the style of a southern mansion with four Doric columns in front of the home which were built from the  masts of an old sailing ship. The Kearney family owned the home for 76 years.
In 1888, Edmund Hurry purchased the property as a summer home.The  Hurry family was one of the most distinguished in NYC.  Mr Edmund Hurry  was a NYC attorney with connections to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Edmund married Emily Ashdon, daughter of William Rhinelander Renwick, the sole owner of Glenerie at that time and Eliza Smeeds Crosby. Both the Hurry and Renwick family had close relationships to George Washington.Mrs Hurry's grandfather was the surgeon to General Washington during the Revolution.  Mr. Hurry was also a descendent of the Ives family of Currier & Ives.
The Hurry family owned the home through 1980 with the last of the Hurry's, Ailine Kent Hurry to live in the home, passed away in 1976 at the  age of 91.
In 1983 Roy and Mary Ickes fell in love with and rescued the home which  was falling into disrepair.They made great efforts to learn the history of  the home and to work towards its preservation.
In November 2004 the Renwick Clifton house was purchased by  Eric and Miriam Adams who established a bed & breakfast in the home  after two pain staking years of renovating.The Renwick Clifton house has been restored to beyond its original grandeur and ready for you to come visit and celebrate this wonderful occasion.