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  • Dansville gets emergency plan on the cheap

  • It’s two years overdue, but an emergency action plan for the village of Dansville’s reservoir is underway — and at no cost to taxpayers.

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  • It’s two years overdue, but an emergency action plan for the village of Dansville’s reservoir is underway — and at no cost to taxpayers
    MRB Group, initially bid the plan for $3,900, but last month the engineering firm said it would do the work for free. MRB has been the village’s primary engineering firm for several years and designed the village’s water treatment plant upgrade several years ago. Currently in the works, MRB is also designing the wastewater treatment plant upgrade and oversaw the improvements that led to the plant’s standby state today.
    “We have a longterm relationship and we want to keep it that way,” Bill Davis of MRB Group told trustees last week.
    The emergency action plan for the dam is required under regulations handed down by the state Department of Environmental Conservation and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In the study, MRB Group will evaluate what happens if the dam breaks as well as what would happen if the village drains the reservoir.
    Trustee Jay Griffith asked at the board’s meeting on April 4 whether the village could turn the dam and reservoir over to the DEC, calling the facility a “boat anchor.” For several years, Dansville’s water has pulled water from East Mill Creek below the dam and from wells in Perkinsville.
    “It’s of no use to us,” Griffith said of the dam. “It’s a huge financial burden. If they (DEC) want to control it, they can have it.”
    Davis pointed out that the village of Dansville pays more than $30,000 annually in property taxes for the site, which is located in Steuben County; but it’s unlikely that either the town of Wayland or Steuben County wants to take ownership.
    “Even by draining it, you still have work to do,” Davis said, referring to requirements associated with wetlands.
    In the village’s favor, Davis said the dama appears to be structurally sound, but may need some improvements to the spillway. He explained that drawings show a cement cast within the dam, which improves its expected structural integrity.
    Dansville was supposed to have started the emergency action plan in 2010.
    “There was some discussion that they (DEC) were going to take action against the communities that were not on time,” Davis said.
    Mayor Peter Vogt reported this week that it appears DEC accepted the good-faith efforts by the current administration and will not be penalizing Dansville.

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