Several hundred people on the west side of the Springwater valley and in the downtown area of the hamlet were left without power for nine hours on Monday, Memorial Day, due to a power pole snapping on Depot Road and subsequently damaging the substation there.

Shortly after the parade concluded in the downtown area a large boom was heard and visitors to the area reported they thought they saw fireworks. In fact, the NYSEG power pole at the entrance to 7299 Depot Rd. snapped near the top causing live wires to fall on the road and onto several transformers at the NYSEG substation to explode. The smell of burning wires permeated the area. The Springwater Fire Department closed off Depot Road to all unnecessary travel and cautioned residents to drive only on the north side of the road for fear the power lines would further come down due to the loss of tension in the wiring.

Children were not allowed to ride their bikes or walk on the road until the power was completely shut off and many families elected to keep their young ones near their homes while the workmen replaced the pole and repaired the substation.

NYSEG personnel responded within the hour and began repairs. Nine hours later power was restored but the power outage meant for no running water, no working bathroom facilities and no air conditioning for most area residents. Those fortunate to have an outside barbecue or a portable generator were able to fix lunch and dinner, but many people headed for restaurants or to friends or family members’ homes to wait out the outage.

No cause was given for the pole snapping. There was no severe weather in the area and no lightning strikes near that pole this season.