Oil Paintings by
June 1st- July 1st , 2012
Artists Reception- Friday June 1, 6-9
81 Partition St. Saugerties, NY
Media Requests: Gallery Director Diane Dwyer  diane@ihgallery.com  tel: 347-387-3212

Imogen Holloway Gallery is pleased to announce its first 2 person exhibition featuring oil paintings by Brian Lynch and April Berger. Berger's bold striated abstracts, painted in her San Francisco studio, feel like fragments from a larger striped world, as if the lines might spill off the canvas onto the wall, floor and ceiling. To the contrary, Saugerties resident Brian Lynch's loosely painted voyeuristic studies are contained within their own finite worlds, wholly complete within the frame of each piece. These two painters play well together, though, because they both mark time in their own way; Brian deftly catches a stolen moment, April lays bare perhaps an entire geological era. And ultimately Lynch’s furtive views of street life on Manhattan’s West Side and Berger’s veins of deep and surprising colors both spark from the simple act of quiet observation. One sits in the window of a NYC apartment; the other watches through the gentle light of Northern California.