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  • Volunteers show their love for Letchworth State Park

  • The second annual I Love My Park Day brought over 8,000 volunteers to 80 parks and historic sites to help them clean up.

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  • The second annual I Love My Park Day brought over 8,000 volunteers to 80 parks and historic sites to help them clean up.
    Roughly 60 volunteers made their way to help beautify Letchworth State Park on Saturday.
    “We’ve been blessed with a great day here today it’s just absolutely gorgeous,” said Regional Manager Richard Parker. “It’s certainly fitting because we have a number of things to celebrate today.”
    The volunteers spent their morning clearing invasive species, raking leaves and clearing brush from the canal locks.
    Erica Brown, who signed up to volunteer, enjoyed the change of pace from her normal life.
    “I wish they did this every weekend,” she said. “I love being out here. This is the most fun I had all week.”
    The fun continued when Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy stopped by to show his support for the volunteers and to thank them for all their dedication.
    “This is the stuff that makes the state go,” Duffy said. “You guys are doing a great job.”
    Duffy got a crash course in invasive species from a park staff member as he confessed his floral identification skills are subpar.
    Duffy took time to visit each work site to let the volunteers know they were making New York proud.
    “Having something clean makes it look pristine,” he said. “We really appreciate it.”
    The Friends of Letchworth provided lunch and certificates of appreciation for the volunteers.
    Carol Rathbun, president of Friends of Letchworth was pleased with the turnout.
    “We couldn’t ask for a better day,” she said. “Or a better group of volunteers.”
    When the clean-up was over, volunteers were invited to the William Pryor Letchworth Museum for a rededication of the Clan Trail.
    The Clan Trail is meant to be a path through history, explaining the role of the Iroquois Nation in the western region of New York.
    The Friends of Letchworth, who are responsible for the swing sets, benches and American Chestnut trees throughout the park, received a grant from the government for Clan Trail signs to honor the Iroquois Nation.
    William Letchworth, who made an appearance through a reenactor, thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication in making his park look incredible.
    “The volunteers have made me very proud,” he said. “I thank them.”

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