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  • Deer smashes through moving van's window, smashes a second window and leaps out back window

  • • Additional photos of the van and from the scene

    • Deer was pregnant with two fawns

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  • A deer, pregnant and carrying two fawns and running from a field, ran into a van driving down Route 19 in Belmont going through the window and landing in the van.
    The deer spun around inside, breaking another window then leaped out the back window.
    Scot Marecgauz was headed down state Route 19 on his way to work when it happened. At the last minute Monday morning, She saw the deer running full speed toward his van, but it was too late to react.
    “I was in Belmont, outside of town, and I was coming (south)?on Route 19. It turns into 55 zone right by the jail. There’s a Dollar General there and that’s where it happened,”?Marechaux said Saturday. “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw these two deer running. I just caught the movement and the two deer were just running flat out. I didn’t even have a chance to hit my brakes.
    “The next thing I knew, there was an explosion. The deer hit in the side of the van. All the glass exploded,”?he said. “At the side of the van there’s a side door. It broke that one. “Then it exploded out the back window onto the ground.”
    Marechaux said the accident happened in half a second.
    “The traffic on Route 19 is pretty busy at that time even in in the morning. There were quite a few cars coming at me and I was paying attention to them,”?Marechaux said. “Fortunately, I wasn’t (hurt), because the whole van was full of glass inside. There was glass everywhere, up on the dash, everywhere."
    Marechaux said it hit the side of the van, spun around inside then went out the back.
    “I didn’t have any coffee yet, but I didn’t need any after that,”?he joked. “I’m surprised I?didn’t get glass in my eyes, there was so much of it in the van.”
    The deer that hit and went through his van was carrying two fawns, Marechaux said. He said he wasn’t sure why the deer were running that fast.
    “Usually the deer don’t move that fast as these were unless something’s harassing them,” he said.
    Marechaux said he tried to slow down when he saw the deer, but did not try to swerve.
    “If somebody had seen those (deer)?and had swerved to the left, they would have been in front of three or four cars. That’s where people get in trouble — they freak out and try to avoid (the deer),”?he said.
    Marechaux said it was actually a good thing the deer hit his van and not another vehicle.
    “There were three of four cars in the other lane. If it would have hit the first car in that group ... who knows what would have happened?” he said.
    Page 2 of 2 - Marechaux said he had to pay a $500 deductible on his van. The damage was about $3,500, he said.
    “I?had to do wallpapering and painting. I’m a contractor,”?he said. “My work vehicle is going to be out of commission for at least three weeks. I lost a day’s work unloading my tools from the vehicle, not being able to get to a job, trying to find a place to get the van repaired as quickly as possible. Basically, I lost a day’s work.”
    Marechaux said he has a small truck he’s using while the van is being repaired. For larger jobs, he said, he can borrow a neighbor’s trailer.
    Marechaux said just days after his incident, on Friday, he drove by in the morning on Route 19 and saw a woman had hit a deer with her vehicle. It was just around 50 feet from where his accident happened, he said.
    “We drove by Friday morning. There was a trooper car there and a car pulled over and a freshly killed deer in between them,”?he said.

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