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  • Counties report election results

  • With preliminary ballot totals coming into election offices, a few shake-ups happened in southern Livingston and northern Steuben counties.

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  • With preliminary ballot totals coming into election offices, a few shake-ups happened in southern Livingston and northern Steuben counties.
    Livingston County
    In what were arguably among the hottest races in Livingston County, Springwater saw a few challengers upset incumbents in Tuesday night’s election. In the race for town supervisor, Deborah Babbit defeated sitting Norbert Buckley by more than 100 votes. Babbit received 352 votes, Buckley 249. Springwater town clerk’s race went to Claudia Gauer, who beat out Judy Tripp-Neu 358-156.
    Two challengers successfully won their bids for Springwater Town Council seats. Pat Wilsea and Phillip Viruso will replace Katherine Bush and John Curtiss. Results were Wilsea 469, Viruso 341, Bush 192 and Curtiss 185.
    In Ossian, Raymond Bertalon and Chris Pero came out as the top two candidates for town council, with Bertalon taking 92 votes and Pero 75, ahead of David Mark with 45 votes and David Hundley 41.
    Voters in Portage selected Clyde Clancy and Tom Allen with 85 and 68 votes, respectively, defeating Andrea Snyder, who receives 18 votes.
    Sparta saw Glenn Kreiley and John Davis come out on top in the town council race. Kreiley received 148 votes and Davis 137 to defeat John Hynes, 103 votes, and Allen Webster, 89.
    In West Sparta, Gerad Levey successfully unseated Supervisor Dominic Cosimano 180-165. the race for town council appears to have gone to Nathan Powell and Robert Schramm. Powell came out of Tuesday a clear frontrunner with 214 votes. Robert Schramm carries a five-vote lead on Laura Moffat, 189-184. A similarly close race for highway superintendent shows David Murray ahead of Bill Meter, 177-171.
    Steuben County
    In Cohocton, the three-way race for town justice went to David Domm with 254 votes. Others on the ballot were Marvin Rethmen, 128 votes, and Michaela Cosgrove, 123 votes. In a race for two council seats, David Simolo and Milton LeVesque led Tuesday’s election with 334 and 293 votes, respectively. Margaret Adams had 260 votes.
    Dansville had four candidates in a race for two council seats. Dan Hartwell and Gene Jackson unseated incumbents David Emo and Roger Briggs. Ballot totals were Hartwell 194, Jackson 190, Briggs 175 and Emo 171.
    Wayland Town Supervisor George Ott will retain his position, defeating challenger Barbara Cowley 359-297. Councilwoman Virgina Huber and Councilman Jody Tonkery successfully kept their seats and defeated Michael Parks. Ballot totals were Tonkery 498, Huber 385 and Parks 333.
    In the only multi-county race for voters, Nance Smith and Livingston County District Attorney Thomas Moran both ran unopposed for two supreme court justice slots in the 7th Judicial District. In Livingston County, Moran had 6,533 votes and Smith 5,748. In Steuben County, Smith had 10,391 votes and Moran 10,155.
    Uncontested races
    Livingston County
    • Treasurer, Carolyn Taylor, 5,999.
    • Coroner, Joseph Calourie, 5,688.
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    Steuben County
    • District attorney, Brooks Baker, 10,908.
    • Clerk, Judith Hunter, 11,688.
    • Coroner, Stephen Copp Sr., 10,605.
    • Legislature district 4 (Cohocton and Wayland), Patrick McAllister, 978.
    • Legislature district 6 (Dansville, Hartsville and Hornellsville), Brian Schu, 722.
      • Supervisor, Jack Zigenfus, 362.
      • Clerk, Sandra Riley, 443.
      • Superintendent of highways, Brian Kuhn, 431.
      • Assessor, Joanne Damboise, 406, and Mark Densmore, 360.
        • Supervisor, Michael Willis, 231.
        • Clerk, Nancy Moir, 314.
        • Superintendent of highways, Ray Acomb, 259.
          North Dansville
          • Justice, David Werth, 277.
          • Council, Rick Schwenzer, 235; Nancy Conklin, 279.
            • Supervisor, Thomas B. Baldwin, 165.
            • Justice, James Mann Jr., 166 votes; Gerald Hotchkiss, 165.
            • Council, David Thompson, 162 votes; Kirk Brickwood, 143.
            • Superintendent of highways, Ricky Moran, 162.
              • Supervisor, Ivan Davis, 77.
              • Clerk, Esther Howe, 72.
              • Superintendent of highways, Stephen Howe, 71.
                • Superintendent of highways, Ronald Mastin, 476.
                  • Clerk, Natalie Baird, 560.
                  • Justice, Thomas Rectenwald I, 560.
                  • Superintendent of highways, Raymond Thielges III, 583.
                    West Sparta
                    • Clerk, Marie Powell, 257.
                    • Justice, Eugene Moffatt, 251.
                    • Tax collecter, Linda Johnson, 290.