A-E’s boss, City Editor Neal, adds journalistic and historical heft to A-E’s customary ramblings this week: Neal covered candidate Trump’s Upstate New York mouthings on the stump during the spring of 2016. In the tradition of the best reporters, Neal wrote about the candidate’s predictions “straight down the middle,” giving the aspirant space to flesh out his platform with quotable guarantees obviously designed to assure a few additional electoral votes from our neighbor to the North.

The candidate “promised the moon, basically, saying he would turn the Rochester economy around, that he would do it quickly and that it would not be hard to achieve,” Neal wrote.

For an area still suffering from the erosion of Kodak and too-slowly recovering from a lackluster economy, that was red meat to Monroe County denizens. And Candidate Trump didn’t stop with a few simple predictions. Consider these remarks from the candidate in Neal’s article:

“We are going to get it straightened out, folks. It’s not going to be that hard. It’s going to go quickly,” Trump said.

He predicted Rochester would “boom again” if he secures the nomination and goes on to win in November of 2016, Neal wrote.

“Rochester is a special place. I’ve known it for a long time, and we’re going to make it better,” he said.

“We’re going to make it better, okay?”

“We’re going to get this straightened out. It’s going to go fast,” he promised again.

Strict fact-junkie Neal noted the promised grandeur of Monroe County unemployment:

The rate was “4.7 percent in August of 2016,” approaching the end of the so-called Obama economy, shortly after the candidate made his promises-predictions with a disdainful smirk about his predecessor’s ability to guide the national economy.

The Monroe County unemployment rate this August, after eight months of tutelage under the GOP victor: 5.1 percent, the highest August jobless rate since 2014, Neal wrote.

In case A-E misunderstood those economic facts, Neal helpfully added “Unemployment is higher in Monroe County, in 2017, compared to the rate 12 months earlier,” when the GOP candidate made his predictions.

Any reader who would like the City Editor Neal’s Monthly Favored Economic Facts Compendium can contact A-E. Neal hasn’t shared the cost of that service. A-E gets a discount as a “reporter-serf.”

And while we’re on the subject, almost every U.S. newspaper published in English commented about Trump’s recent speech concerning Africa. The most puzzling remarks were his creation of the nonexistent country of “Nambia.”

That geography mystery stopped most analysts until they realized he conjoined the names of two countries, Namibia and Zambia, to create the new nation.

“Tennminton,” anyone?

Some good political news. Seriously.

Here’s a comment from A-E’s notebook of a few years ago.

The message: our country will be in good hands. “That was an easy assessment if you had watched Canisteo-Greenwood seventh graders manage their mock presidential election a few years ago. Zach, Zach and Jenna guided Pre-K through seventh-grade students during sign-in and voting and, for the article, represented the classmates who kept order when two dozen pupils arrived to vote between classes. Best Middle School election story: Poll watcher Kayleigh told assistant principal Paul about a pre-K student (someone four or five years old) who said “I want to vote for Obama.” Kayleigh found that electoral confidence at such a young age unusual. A-E leads applause for the class and social studies teacher Amy whose project summary about the almost 500 students and staff who voted: “Now (the students) understand what a polling place should look like.”

Teacher, kids, principal and all area school districts deserve applause for the introduction to what’s important in our democracy.

That’s probably why Winston Churchill once called that the best political model for a free people.

That’s A-E’s paraphrase of Mr. Churchill, by the way.


—A-E, who pens this weakly column from his steam-driven computer in Canisteo, is an enrolled independent, the non-political party affiliation.