DANSVILLE — It is a year in the making, but the Dansville Council for Alcohol and Substance Abuse plan to move to 45 Maple Street has been approved.


The North Dansville Town Board approved of the Area Variance and Special Use Permit this month. The Krog Group, who is the owner of 45 Maple Street, has to wait 30 days to work on the project. 


Livingston County Council for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Trinity CEO Ann Domingos sat with Genesee Country Express to explain this historic change.


Domingos started to talk with The Krog Group about two years ago about using the old West Herr property for the new Dansville CASA location.


“About two years ago we started having a conversation with The Krog Group about their building (45 Maple Street) in order to move the clinic,” she said. “We have just outgrown this small space that we are in. Within that time frame we were talking with them, and time went on. We were not in a big rush. The proposal for the residential part was posted by the State, so I spoke with them about using some of the property to do that. That is how the whole idea was created.”


The Krog Group offered the old West Herr property to be used as the new Dansville CASA building for more space.


“The Krog Group asked if I was interested in using the old West Herr building,” Domingos said. “They wanted to get a tenant in there. There will be two buildings connected. The old West Herr building will have all of our home offices, counseling offices, and administrative offices. The residential that we were awarded (North Dansville Town Board approved) will have a 25 bed occupancy for individuals who need a higher level of care.”


This new facility will be a new chapter of Dansville CASA history as it will be the only one of its kind with a residential center.


“They will spend the night there. They will get the medical care they need, and counseling while there,” Domingos said. “This will be for people who need stabilization when they are not doing well in an outpatient setting. There are no services like this in Livingston County, so this will be the first one of its kind. The State offered money to build that. We applied for a grant, and money was awarded to CASA for the residential. I knew we needed a treatment center.”


Domingos said they are letting people know they will be offering this service in the future, but it will take close to a year to build. The Krog Group will handle all of the construction, and decide how that is done. They might take bids from local people to work on the renovations.


“People will be referred to it once it is up and running,” she said. “There will be assessments done with the patient to make sure they need that level of care. If they need that care insurance companies will pay for it.”


Domingos said they will no longer be on 141 Main Street once they move to 45 Maple Street.


With the new residential program comes new jobs for the area, Domingos said they will hire up to 20 more people for the new building. The process to get the new building up and running should begin as early as January.


“This is a much needed service,” Domingos said. “Addiction is on the rise. It is very sad. People are dying. Hopefully once this is completed we will have more tools to help the patients, and make a good change in their life.”


Dansville CASA is currently located at 141 Main Street and can be reached at 585-335-5052. For more information about what this service provides go to http://casaoflc.org/