DANSVILLE — Many local businesses have had a hand in resurrecting the old Dansville and Mount Morris Depot.


Battle Street Brewery should be up and running by Dansville Dogwood Festival in May 2018.


Genesee Country Express stopped in to talk with Battle Street Brewery co-owner Doug Acomb on Nov. 17 as they worked hard getting the building ready for winter weather.


Acomb said there many local talented people working on the building.


“Skip’s Custom Flooring is ready to help us out with the flooring,” he said. “You know you are almost there when you are ready to put a floor in.”


This project is going to be a couple years in the making by the time it is done, but the town is eager to see it open.


“There is going to be about two feet of stone around it,” Acomb said. “The wooden siding matches the original look of the building. The windows are a lot like the original ones, but have been custom made to be thermal. There will be a Battle Street Brewery sign put up the day after Thanksgiving.”


The idea has always been to preserve the old-time-feel of the Dansville and Mount Morris Depot.


“We will get a couple more signs put up at the ends of the building to create the railroad crossing effect,” Acomb said. “There is going to be memorabilia of the building set up all over. People have been bringing us stuff left and right to hang on the walls. In a way the whole building is a museum. There is so much of it we can’t just have it set up in one spot.”


Acomb said they plan to rotate the historical items in the building, so that they can get it all in there at some point.


“There is a lot of positive feedback coming from people in the town,” he said. “All of this is being done with our money and the bank’s money. We are hoping to get the grant soon to reimburse us.”


This project has proven to be a lot more work than the Acomb Brothers originally thought, but they will be happy to see it finished.


The brew house is all ready to go, and will keep itself heated throughout the year. The brewer heats the beer to about 180 degrees in stainless steel. There is all new utilities, new roof, concrete floors, and sprayed on installation on the ceilings, floors, and walls.  The installation is very tight and warm in the building.


“Spruce Street has become very busy all of a sudden,” Acomb said. “People love seeing what we are doing.”


“It was our plan from the beginning that this would all be done by local workers,” Acomb continued. “Whatever we can’t get local we make sure it is by people we know. This is about 99.9 percent local.”


Acomb said when you are working on a 200-year-old building you need to start from scratch.


“We didn’t have a clue how much work this was going to going to be in the beginning,” he said. “It is really cool to see how far we have come.”


The Robert Hart Family has been very supportive of the Battle Street Brewery as well, and Acomb said he has spoken to the late- Mr. Hart’s children about it.


“We are in a great spot location wise,” Acomb said. “We have a lot of festivals in Dansville that bring in tourists, and will keep us busy. We are planning on this becoming an event place, and my cousin, Julie Acomb is the event planner.”


The work will continue until it gets too cold, and it will pick up again once the weather is good. Everything has been very steady over the last nine months.


“By the time we open and allow people inside I think they will be very impressed by what we have accomplished,” Acomb said. “We will have photos of the progress for people to see as well. I don’t think many people knew what it looked like inside. It was a disaster inside.”