DANSVILLE — After spending time in the big city one store owner is happy to be in a small-town.


Tremendous Heart Tiny Art Owner Michelle Kolb said her store takes a lot of love and a little magic.


“I love vintage clothes and reading Tarot, so I have created the best job for myself,” she said. “There is a lot of love and a little magic that goes into this.”


Kolb likes having her store at 138 Main Street, and feels she has created a local Bazaar vibe.


“I had a store in Los Angeles for a little while,” she said. “Some of those items are in my store now. This space became available for rent, and I really loved it. I love 138 Main Street. I love the signs next door.”


Kolb will be offering wine tasting during Winter in the Village on Dec. 2. She will also be open for Small Business Saturday on Nov. 25.


Most of the items in the store are on consignment, and bring a vintage feel to the community.


“This all comes from different people,” she said. “I wanted to build a community here. This is what I love about Dansville.”


Kolb said although the store in Los Angeles did really well she was ready to come back to the small-town lifestyle. Kolb is originally from Honeoye.  


“I was gone in the big city for so long that I was ready to come home,” she said. “My friends and boyfriend have been very supportive.”


Kolb likes to focus on her crystals, herbal remedies, and reading her Tarot cards. However, there are also vintage clothes and jewelry available.


Tremendous Heart Tiny Art is located at 138 Main Street. It is open Monday through Friday from noon to 6 p.m.