DANSVILLE — There is still talk about that white elephant in the room under the disguise of the new sidewalk law.


The Dansville Village Board held their regular monthly meeting on Sept. 19, and a member of the community came to discuss the new sidewalk law.


Richard Bondi, a resident of Dansville, spoke on behalf of the elderly in the community that would find it financially and physically limiting to maintain the sidewalks.


Bondi said he wanted to commend Dansville Public Works Superintendent Scott Tracy for all the hard work he puts into the community.


“I want to recognize that our community and homeowners have limited resources,” he said. “A village master plan would be fair, and the village would be responsible.”


Mayor Peter Vogt said the law is still being looked at involving the maintenance of sidewalks.  


Frances Bovee, resident of Dansville has talked to Vogt about how smoking should be prohibited on Main Street.


Ron Hall, resident of Dansville, spoke last month about the motorcycle disturbance in the area, and the bushes on Health and Perine streets. Vogt said Hall seemed to be more concerned about the motorcycles.


“He (Hall) is more concerned about the noise from the motorcycles, and it is hard to enforce,” Vogt said.


Dansville Police Chief Charlie Perkins said that the law enforcement will make an extra attempt on enforcing the motorcycles and diesel trucks on Main Street.


Dansville Fire Chief Glenn Camuto wants to look into a software that will help manage the records at the fire department. This system would take three programs into one, and would make life easier for the department.


Perkins and Camuto had a concern about a 13-year-old who has a fascination with fire, and started a fire using wood chips at the park. They want to make sure there isn’t more to this interest in fire.


“This juvenile has an active interest in fire,” Perkins said. “The fire department takes the bull by the horns on this one.”


There is talk that police officers can be their own witnesses on disorderly conduct arrests. Vogt said that they can be involved as direct witnesses on these arrests.


“Fighting on Main Street is against the law,” Vogt said. “The officers need to make disorderly conduct arrests.”


Trustee Dan Rittenhouse agreed that these arrests need to be made, and officers can be witnesses.


In other business; There is an immediate discontinuance of Kaspersky Software since they have strong ties with Russia, Hiring a full-time laborer for the Wastewater Treatment Plant was approved, a Maintenance Code Punishment Update was approved, Mayor’s court audit was approved, a Brush Wolf purchase of $6,850 was approved, A 200-foot push camera purchase of $9,750 was approved, and a gift of Noyes Hospital millings and Poags Hole topsoil was approved.