DANSVILLE — There were about 25 Gunlocke employees who came out during “Day of Action” to help Vincent House on Aug. 10.


The project consisted of staining the Gazebo, landscaping, gardening, and cleaning the upstairs.


Gunlocke Project Manager Daniel Lander said members of Gunlocke were engaged to do something nice for their community.


“This is a fantastic cause,” he said. “We have a team of Gunlocke employees that are here to help an important part of our community.”


Lander added that many people in Gunlocke have been connected to Vincent House in some way.


“Everyone has some connection to Vincent House,” he said. “I am a cancer survivor myself. I have been cancer free for five years.”


Gunlocke Community Membership Director Olga Mendez said Lander has done a great job getting people involved in this project over the past six months.


“The Human Resources Committee makes this place a great place to work,” she said. “All of our members have great ideas. This has been a vision of the committee for six months. Dan took the lead on this, because he knows a lot of the people.”


Pittsford- native Mendez added she drives about 45 minutes a day to get to work, and it has been very rewarding.


“It is rewarding to be a part of the community,” she said. “It brings joy to the employees and a sense of pride to work at Gunlocke. We have a lot of passion and want to give back to the community.”  


Mendez added this project is near and dear to Lander’s heart, and he has been a great champion for the company.


Lander said this is the first time a project like this has been done at Vincent House with Gunlocke. In the past a few employees have come to help the much needed home, but nothing of this magnitude.


“Kim (Snyder) is very grateful for the help,” he said. “They struggle with getting people to come and help. They all donate their time to do this. It is all run by volunteers.”


“Anything like this is rewarding, and gives back to our community,” Lander continued.


Mendez wants people to come to Vincent House and see new life breathed into it.


“I want them to see life at its best and the beauty and comfort of being at home at a time like this,” she said. “This is the culture of Gunlocke. We want everyone in our community to succeed.”


Jen Lander, Daniel’s wife, took the lead to clean the upstairs with members of the Gunlocke team and her 12-year-old daughter, Brooke.


“I think this is a great help to Vincent House,” she said. “I know a lot of people who have had to use the home for family. I think it is really great to get the kids involved with this project.”


Brooke Lander said from a young person’s point-of-view it is a great way to help the elderly people.


“I love to help people in general, especially the elderly people,” she said. “I am doing this, because of what my dad had to go through. It takes courage to be a volunteer here.”


Gunlocke Expeditor Shirley Vandermeid said that it took a lot of pride to clean the home, since you never know when you or a loved one will need to use it.


“You never know when you or someone you love is going to be here,” she said. “We want to keep it nice. All of this work is done by volunteers, and it takes a lot of work to keep it going.”


Vincent House Development and Volunteers Director Mary Jo Jacobs said it is so nice to have the support of the community.


“We can’t do all of this heavy stuff,” she said. “This is why we are always looking for volunteers to do work inside and outside of the house. It is not just about caring for the residents.”


Jacobs added Vincent House has started a Wednesday Wish List on their Facebook page with items they need.


“It was wonderful to see the youth give up part of their summer break to come and help out,” she said. “What they do will come back to them.”


Vincent House Executive Director Kim Snyder was out with the rest of them working in the garden.


“This is long overdue,” she said. “The outside is the first impression when the family comes here. We want to make it as nice as we can, but we are all volunteers. The quality is very important to us. We place very high standards on ourselves.”


Vincent House board member Penny Hughes was born and raised in Wayland, and she is very pleased a place like this exists in her community.


“It is wonderful to get the community involved,” she said. “Gunlocke has always been good to us.”


Hughes said that volunteering at Vincent House has added more to her life.


“I come and sit with them for three hours while giving them cold water, and they have such wonderful stories to share,” she said. “I especially love the World War Two guys who come and share their stories about the war. This is a wonderful place to finish your life.”


To find out how to become a volunteer or to make a donation go to http://www.thevincenthouse.org/