DANSVILLE — After a missionary trip to Bosnia six years ago this local man’s life was changed forever.


Strike Back Martial Arts Instructor Adam Lowrey, of Dansville, went on a spiritual journey to Bosnia in order to help spread human compassion. He was trained in the art of Jujitsu as he took care of the locals and his own family. After four long years he came back home to spread that same passion in his hometown. Lowrey started doing classes at the Titan Gym, but on Aug. 4 he had his grand re-opening at his new place located in the old Anderson Jewelers shop on 170 Main Street.


“God told me to do it,” Lowrey said. “I am really passionate about this sport.”


“Titan Gym let us use their space for a couple of years, and they are great people,”Lowrey continued. “We had a great relationship with them. I bought this place from Anderson, and he was glad we were going to use it.”


Lowrey said he loves to see people grow in confidence, and get over the hurdles.


Mike Palmer and Dave Nicchitta in Webster are mentors to Lowrey, and have inspired him to do Martial Arts in the community.


Lowrey said he hopes to get a women’s defense class started soon if enough women are interested in it.


Katie Pasquale is one of the first students at the gym, and she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years ago.


“I would recommend this to anyone,” she said. “Anyone who has MS like me or is suffering from something else can do this. I grew up with three big brothers, so I am used to the rough stuff. I don’t mind that it is a contact sport. I fell-in-love with it, and it helps me a lot with my balance.”


Pasquale added that it is worth every cent she has spent on these classes.


“Don’t let anyone tell you this isn’t lady-like,” she said. “We are just as capable of doing this as men. It is very satisfying to be a 120 pound girl and take a 170 pound guy down to the mat.”

Pasquale said people with health problems are just as capable at doing this as anyone else.


“Just having a peace of mind about it means everything,” she said. “Adam really is a great guy.”


Strike Back Martial Arts offers adult Jujitsu classes at $125 per-month and junior (ages four to 14) Jujitsu classes at $100 per-month. They are open Monday to Friday from 3 to 8 p.m.


Junior Classes are 4 to 5 p.m. (four nights a week) and adult classes are 5:30 to 7 p.m. (five nights a week).


“I think this is a great opportunity to bring self defense to the area,” Lowrey said. “I love being here, and this has been life changing for me. I really love helping people.”


US Navy Veteran Jim Bell said he is planning on bringing his teenage sons to try out the classes.


“I did this in the Navy many years ago, and it is a good discipline to learn,” he said. “Adam is a very humble man. He has six daughters, and you see how good he is with them. I am glad they found a home here after coming back from Bosnia. I met him at church, and thought it would be good to bring my sons here. This is a great addition to the community.”


Bell added he wants teens to be able to take care of themselves.


Strike Back Martial Arts motto is “Work hard, stay humble, and never quit.” It is located at 170 Main Street. They can be reached at 585-447-1091. Anyone interested in taking Jujitsu or Taekwondo classes can reach out to Lowrey. There is potential for Martial Arts Tournaments and getting your way up to a black belt.