DANSVILLE — It has a grassroots feel as artists come to put their passion into the streets of a small town.


The Sixth Annual Chalk Walk decided to do something a little different this year, as they encouraged the community to make something beautiful along a large path of main street.


The participants worked their way from State Farm to the Star Theater. The result offered some insight into the creative minds of the community.


There were five juried artists this year, and one that plans to be a juried artist next year.


The father-daughter-team Rose and Jeff Miller worked on the “I Love Lucy” theme at the Dansville Public Library. Rose had wanted to do this all along.


“When we visited the (Lucille Ball) museum this summer it really solidified the excitement for Chalk Walk,” Jeff Miller said. “It gave us inspiration to do this.”


Rose Miller said it was always her idea to do Lucy.


“When I was little the first female comedian I saw on television was Lucy,” she said. “She is my favorite. I wish I was born in the era when she came to visit the Castle on the Hill. It is really cool she was in Dansville.”


Melissa Gartz worked on her bee this year, and made it resting on a huge colorful flower.


“I started keeping bees this year,” she said. “I have always been fascinated by bees, since my name means honey bee in Greek. I want to remind people why bees are so important. They are in danger because of environmental issues.”


Blaithe Donovan, of Nunda wanted to be a juried artist this year, but chose to do sidewalk art anyway. She hopes to be a juried artist next year. Donovan chose to do three bright jellyfish.


“Jellyfish scare me, but they are really beautiful,” she said. “I just graduated from college. I was an art major, and I want to be an art teacher.”


Donovan said she has been doing art since she was a child, and has done Chalk Walk before.


Zoe Veaunt and Ayden Walker did juried art by the Genesee Community College this year.