DANSVILLE — It was a dark and stormy night, but that did not keep a soft voice from being heard amongst the thunderclaps and lightning strikes.


Christine Stroud, of Pittsburgh PA braved the storm to tell us about her new book coming out in September. Dansville Artworks was proud to have her as the last visiting author in the old space on Aug. 4.


It was about 12 years ago when Stroud found her inner passion for poetry, and in 2014 she had her first book published entitled “The Buried Return.” This book talks about her time spent in North Carolina.


“My first book talks about growing up in North Carolina, and the issues that come from being a woman in the south,” she said. “My second book is very different. It is about a sister who loses her younger sister under mysterious circumstances, and goes through the stages of grief.”


Stroud’s father was stationed in Germany when his highschool sweetheart gave birth to their only child. Stroud knew how to speak German, and spent the first four years of her life there. They moved back to the south where all her family is from, and that is where she remained until moving to Pittsburgh for college. Stroud became to editor of Autumn House.


Stroud’s new book entitled “Sister Suite” talks about the agony that comes from losing your twin, and the other half of your soul. It was a fascinating subject for an only child to tackle, and it has some inner truth.


“I was interested in the sibling dynamic,” she said. “I wanted to focus on one sister being tender and not able to handle the world, and the other sister being the protector.”


Stroud said when her first book was published it was an amazing feeling.


“I wasn’t home when they delivered the first box of my books to my house,” she said. “Once I saw the box I thought maybe I should wait for my roommates to get home, but I opened the box alone.”


Visiting Author Host George Guida said that Stroud’s imagery is a powerful thing, and he published one of her poems a couple years back. They met at Snowetry in Erie. This is a huge poet festival put on in the winter every year, and about 100 poets gather in a city of the founders choice for it.


Stroud prefers coming to the small towns like Dansville, because it always offers something unique to do.


Poetry is all about slowing down everything around you, and calming the storms in our lives.