NORTH COHOCTON — The German Heritage is alive and well at the Olde Country Store and More.


It is at this historic candy store that you will find authentic German items, and the Green Heart of the Finger Lakes.


Olde Country Store and More had their second anniversary celebration on July 8. Many friends, customers, family, and neighbors gathered in honor of how far the Wells Family has come. Jeffrey, Denise, and Jenny Wells have created a special family-operated store on University Avenue.


We Wear History members Belinda Schuler, Jake and Veronica Weiand, and special appearance by Schuler’s grandson,Colton Welch enjoyed living the late 1800s and 1920s bustle.


Veronica Weiand said she was dressed in her husband’s aunt’s clothes from the 1920s. Her name was Louise Recktenwald.


“It is fun to wear these clothes and wonder what she dressed like this for, and where she was going,” Weiand said. “It is always fun to have the actual clothes of the era, and not have to make them.”


“Louise was a churchgoer from Perkinsville who played the organ for 60 years at Sacred Heart Church,” Weiand said. “A couple months after they honored her for 60 years of service she had a stroke.”


Welch was dressed up as a Newsie to fit in with the 1920s flare, and Schuler allowed him to be part of the Weiand family for the day.


Green Heart of the Finger Lakes beer is an authentic German beer brewed by Nedloh of Bloomfield.


Nedloh General Manager Tereasa McGinnity said all of the beer they make is made in house, and comes from the hops at the farm.


“We met Jeff Wells and worked on making this special beer for him,” she said. “We started in April to get a feel for what he was looking for. We got the hops at Rush and the German yeasts and malts.”


The 64 ounce growlers are being sold at Olde Country Store and More.


“The Green Heart of the Finger Lakes will help people recognize it and tie it all together,” McGinnity said. “It builds a sense of community, and makes a connection to the beer.”


The Flickinger Family was giving away lemonade with donations being made to the Bath Va.


Chris Flickinger, US Army Veteran, now works for the Bath Va since getting out of the army in January after nearly six years of service.


“All of the donations are going to directly affect the veterans,” he said. “It all goes for a great cause.”


Krista Flickinger, Chris’s wife, said that he worked at Gunlocke for a long time, before deciding to go join the US Army.


“He comes from a military family,” she said. “Everyone has joined some branch of the military, and he wanted to carry on that legacy.”


Chris Flickinger added that it is very comfortable for him to work with the veterans at the hospital since they all have something in common.


Krista Flickinger said that visiting the huge cemetery there is breathtaking, and she is grateful she doesn’t have to go there to visit a loved one.


“It makes us feel good to help out the veterans,” she said. “My husband was deployed in Afghanistan, and we helped make care packages that I knew were going to his unit. It made a huge difference. It was my goal to make them smile during the most horrible situations.”


Olde Country Store and More Owner Jeffrey Wells said he was very happy with the turnout.


“I hope that the Green Heart of the Finger Lakes brand takes off, and is seen all over the Finger Lakes,” he said. “We are selling the cups a dozen at a time, and always needing to order more. We are keeping it all local.”


Engravers Plus in Bath are making the coffee mugs, water bottles, and travel bottles.


“The Finger Lakes are not going anywhere, so the Green Heart of the Finger Lakes can be around forever,” Wells said.


Olde Country Store and More located at 2 University Avenue is open Tuesday through Sunday 9 a.m to 6 p.m. and closed Monday.