DANSVILLE — There was talk about zoning codes, sidewalk laws, and village equipment at the village board meeting recently.


Dansville Code Enforcement Office Tammy Malone was very passionate about getting the new codes approved by the village officials.


Updates to Village of Dansville Zoning Law was approved by the village board.


It states that only domestic pets such as cats, dogs, and small mammals will be allowed in the dwellings. Malone said no llamas or any other large animals will be allowed in the house.


Manufactured homes intended for shelter, housing, or dwellings must be up to New York State Fire Prevention and Building Codes. Any tracked land with a habitable structure on it no matter the number of dwelling units within it is now considered one premises. Installing a portable garage or carport requires a zoning permit prior to placement of any of these light weight metal framed structures that has metal or plastic material sheathing. Structures of 144 square feet or larger to facilitate meeting zoning setbacks.


All property owners and or users of said property shall be responsible for the care, safety, and confinement of all domestic pets of the household and livestock where zoning allows. They need adequate fencing and gates to confine domestic pets of the household and livestock in a safe manner.


The following uses are specifically prohibited within any zoning district within the village; junkyards, kennels, single width mobile homes for which the transport axels remain as part of the structural member of the unit. With exception of trailers used for temporary on site offices or any otherwise provided by law, windmills, and free standing outdoor solid fuel burning furnaces.  


To get a full list of new and updated zoning laws you can contact the village clerk.


TNT Fireworks were approved to use the Big Lots parking lot to sell fireworks until July 5. However, a few of the village officials would like to talk to local business owners and see how this affects them for next year.


The idea to work on fixing Knox Street has been on the hearts and minds of village officials for a long time now.


Dansville Public Works Superintendent Scott Tracy said a homeowner is willing to sell some of his property to the village, so they can straighten the road out.


Dansville Trustee Dan Rittenhouse wanted to see if they could fix the road without purchasing the land.


“We want to redo Knox Street,” he said. “The grade is coming off Red Jacket. We need to straighten it out.”


Tracy added that the village is down a couple of trucks and he hopes to get them by the fall.


“I would like to get a new dump truck in the fall,” he said. “I would like to see where we are with funds, because we have other trucks that are needed. There is a lot of black top that needs to be done. We need to get pick up trucks now, because the three we have are very bad.”


Malone said the Dansville Airport needs to be inspected before the town will purchase it back from the Dansville Pilot Association.


There was a heated discussion about the sidewalk laws to the point where it needed to be tabled again.


Rittenhouse mentioned how a property owner is upset about a tree uprooting his sidewalk, and has gone to great lengths to keep it safe for the public.


“The tree uprooted his sidewalk, and he doesn’t want to pay for the sidewalk,” he said. “The village put in the trees and the sidewalk.”


New York State installed all of the sidewalks on main street, and the trees were put in by the village.


Dansville Trustee Robin Humphrey said that he and others have problems with trees and sidewalks.


Mayor Peter Vogt who is very passionate about the sidewalk laws said that the homeowners will get sued if anyone gets hurt on their property.  


“If you want to live in the community than you need to be responsible,” he said. “The government can’t do everything for everyone.”


Rittenhouse said that since the trees are village property they need to be taken out or cut down by the village.


“We have opened pandora's box now, because we talked about this before the law was done,” he said.  


The next village board meeting is July 18 at 7 p.m.