DANSVILLE — For the first time ever Dansville Wireless Zone  will take part in the hugely successful Culture of Good project called School Rocks Backpack Giveaway.


Dansville Wireless Zone General Manager Josh Chavez is working closely with Dansville Central Superintendent Paul Alioto to make sure this all goes well.


School Rocks Backpack Giveaway is a project that gives free school suppliers to low income families. It is geared towards elementary aged students.


On July 23 from 1 to 4 p.m. Dansville Wireless Zone will be giving away 60 backpacks filled with toys, pencils, crayons, and color pencils.


The program started at Evans Mills Verizon Wireless about five years ago, and it was so successful that other store locations are jumping on board.


“We had so much success at Evans Mills that we are so thankful to Todd (Bender) for wanting to do this at every location,” Chavez said. “The Culture of Good is all about giving back to your community.”


Dansville Central does something similar to this, but not at this mass scale.


“If we run out of backpacks we do have a few locations nearby we can steal from,” Chavez said. “We have locations in Hornell, Corning and Rochester.”


It is going to be a fun day for the children with a Bounce House, pizza, and free colorful backpacks.


“The kids can pick out their favorite colors,” Chavez said. “We will have all different kinds.”


Chavez said that they plan on doing this every year around this time.


“We don’t plan on stopping. We have such a good response from people in the community,” he said. “Our community is the backbone of this store. That is why I am passionate about it. The feedback we got from the branch in Evans Mills was amazing. Dansville is the perfect fit for this.”


People come from all over the area to Dansville Wireless Zone since it is the only store like it around for miles.


Chavez said the store is very community oriented, and helps out with internet service to the Dansville Balloon Festival every year so people can use their Square readers for purchasing items.


Chavez said that the reason the Dansville branch is so successful is because of the loyal customers.


Dansville Wireless Zone is located at 87 Franklin Plaza and can be reached at 585-612-0999.