DANSVILLE — It was a bittersweet farewell to life as a high school student, and the overwhelming pressure of adulthood, but these Mustangs are ready to roam free.


The Dansville Central Class of 2017 met for the last time at the Dansville High School Gymnasium as they took part in the 128th Commencement with over 100 students. 


Dansville Central High School Principal Thomas Frazier honored the Class of 2017 with a few inspirational words.


“As you think about your journey through school you can compare it to riding a bike,” he said. “The first time you rode a bike you had a helmet, training wheels, and a parent nearby. You had them guide you and protect you. As your confidence grew you learned to ride the bike without training wheels. Your parents made sure you didn’t fall.”


As high school came around the corner parents wanted to put the training wheels back on, and put the helmet back on their children’s heads, Frazier continued.


“You told them to let you go. You are ready,” he said. “Failure is not your enemy. It is your partner in growth. If you don’t fall then you can’t build the character you need to succeed. This is part of the process of learning to grow. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your ride.”


Valedictorian Cheyenne Markowski gave her speech entitled “Find Your Mentor” and it was about how education can easily be related to the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”


She compared each “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” to an aspect of school life like sports, community, arts, and technology.


Markowski talked about the Future Business Leaders of America and the Dansville Trout Derby she has helped spearhead that have done great things for Noyes Hospital.


“Wherever our paths take us we all matter, and we all have a place in society,” she said. “Find your mentor to your guide for success. Make the world a better place then it is now. Remember your roots and hometown. We all grew up together, and no one can take that away.”


Salutatorian Jordyn Condrate gave her speech entitled “Firsts and Lasts” and it talks about how they have gone from all their firsts to their lasts at Dansville Central.


The Class of 2017 was the first to come to the new school for one grade before being thrown into high school, and the first to endure Common Core.


“The first moments of high school will be forever etched in our memory,” she said. “We had our lasts this week. We remain connected, and our class reunion is only 10 years away.”


“The lessons we learned in high school will contribute to our success into adulthood,” Condrate continued. “We have our many new firsts as we go forward. Follow your dreams and live your life.”


Superintendent Paul Alioto compared the inductees into the Wall of Pride with the Class of 2017.


“I love the promise of your future. You serve the greater good today,” he said. “I want to talk about past Dansville graduates who made an impact on the area. They were only 17,18, and 19 when they faced challenges too. They took on these challenges and are now 2017 Wall of Pride inductees. We were all just like you once.”


Alioto said that the students need to take on the challenges of writing their own stories.


“Each of you has to write your own story,” he said. “Your life story is yet to be written. You need to accept the challenges before you.”


The Class of 2017; Hadassah Adams, Jordan Allen, Samuel Arriaga, Jordan Babcock, Megan Baker, Richard Barnhardt III, Cherokee Barnhart, Matthew Bennett, Alorah Bishop, Parker Bolton, Patricia Breen, Jazmine Brewer, Allison Bridge, Kassidy Briley, Tiffany Buchanan, Kaitlyn Chan, Gabriel Chappell, Jordyn Condrate, Ryan Conklin, Kevin Conway, Abby Cook, Elizabeth Corbin, Sarah Cotton, Conner Cox, Hollie Cox, D’Andre Cramer, Sierra Crawford, Brock Cuddeback, Ashley Dixon, Danielle Dugo, Cristie East, Alec Entwistle, Michael Evans, Kody Everman, Graham Frazer III, Dawson Graham, Temesgen Graves, Adam Green, Dylan Green, Jesse Gunn, Shania Guyett, Tyler Heiman, Kali Herkimer, Alexis Hinds, Skiylur Hoffman, Daniel Howard, Zoie Howe, Ryan Hufnagle, Joshua Jacobs, Caleb A. Johnson, Caleb L. Johnson, Emma Kelly, Dillen Kennedy, Natasha King, Samantha King, Christian Knudsen, Dylan Kozak, Abigail Kuhn, Shayna Lafaye, Troy Latimer, Jeremy Lawrence, Emily Levee, Edward Linton, Thomas Linzy III, Nikolas Little, Jamie Longo, Gary Losey, Coutrney Lowe, Christopher Malm, Garrett Mark, Cheyenne Markowski, Rachel McDowell, Austin Milliman, Brandon Mott, Andrew Mountzouros, Timothy Murphy, Alfred Nickerson III, Makayla Orr, Emily Parish, David Pierce, Makayla Pierpont, Lennart Poeppe, Emily Polizzi, Tyler Powell, Skylar Rauber, Christian Rudney, Anthony Sackett, Holden Schramm, Christopher Schumacher, Nathaniel Sherman, Abigail Skelly, Hunter Stone, Rhett Sullivan, Emma Swyers, Sakina Tasaddaq, Lucas Totten, Luisa Ulrich, Adrian Velazquez, Brittaney Wagner, Hunter Wester, Madison Wiedrick, Thomas Wise, Brianna Wolfe, Collin Young, Tiffani Young, and Laruen Zeh.