WAYLAND — The Wayland-Cohocton Eagles are ready to spread their wings and soar high above the clouds.


Wayland-Cohocton Class of 2017 celebrated their final moments as seniors before heading out into the world on Sunday at the field house.


Wayland-Cohocton Central High School Principal Eileen Feinman encouraged her students to live a life full of courage, strength, respect, and wisdom.


“Be admirable and authentic in all that you do, be bold and brave, remember how courage helps you achieve things, be determined and disciplined, strive for excellence in everything that you do, know that forgiveness will help you solve a lot of problems,” she said. “Being generous and good hearted are a foundation for a good soul, always be honest humble and happy, see the joy in life and in your parents eyes today, be kind and keep your friends secrets, live well, laugh often, and love much.”


Graduate Jason Page was chosen by his fellow Class of 2017 to give a speech about what high school has meant to all of them.


“Thank all the parents in the room for putting up with all of our teenage attitudes,” he said. “We have had our hearts broken many times, stayed up all night for a test,danced to all of those stupid songs like The Whip and Nae Nae, and said all of those slang terms like cray cray.”


“We accomplished extraordinary things and learned a lot about ourselves every single day,” Page continued. “Right now today we are all the same, all wearing the same cap and gown, all walking down the same path,but what will be different is how we use it.”


Graduate Raven Elizabeth Foote was chosen by the faculty to give a speech about what it means to be part of the Class of 2017.


“At this moment we are on a train that is at its last stop before taking us into the real world. As we start our journey into adulthood we can reflect on all that this school has taught us throughout the years,” she said. “If we want our society to exhibit compassion for each other then we need to be the change we want to see in the world. As we go on to start our next adventures whether it be going into the workforce, or starting college we can remember we all have a choice.”


Valedictorian Tara Lynn Stern gave a heartfelt speech about her time at school, and wanting her fellow graduates to succeed.


“When you think of the word history you think of the old dead guys they talk about in class. The ones that have done things like guide us all to victory, run a nation, or establish the first national bank,” she said. “More often than not we don’t relate history to us, just something we have to learn enough of, take a test, and got us exactly where we are now … graduation.”


Stern said she wants all of her fellow graduates to tell their own stories.


“History tells a tale of those that came before us, or things that have happened,” she said. “What is your history? It is about what you have done. That is your history. That is your story. Everybody's story is different. There is so much to me that you don’t know, or hasn’t been written yet. When you leave Wayland-Cohocton you are starting the largest part of your life.”


Wayland-Cohocton Class of 2017 list found in the Wayland Cohocton Column on page A4.