DANSVILLE — The roof has been fixed, and the history of our area has been saved.


Dansville Area Historical Society board members held a ceremony on June 17 to say thank you to all who donated, and reveal a plaque made in their honor.


DAHS President Gerri Waight said the community has always been very supportive.


“It is so wonderful to have a community that helps out, and always asks if there is anything else they can do,” she said. “The roof is all done, and now we have a few other minor repairs that need doing. We will be getting bids on other things that need doing soon.”


DAHS Member Nancy Helfrich said that there were 76 donations made after sending out one letter to all the members.


“An anonymous donor matched our funds, and that was very generous of them,” she said. “It took about six months to make the plaque we have hanging up on the door. It was a real labor of love for all of us.”


Jane Schryver and Betty Minemier said they always make a donation in the community.


“Everything in this building is a labor of love,” Schryver said. “I would do it anytime. Anytime they have a fundraiser I help. You will always see mine and Betty’s name when something needs to be fixed. We have been with this museum for a long time.”


Steve Saunders Home Improvement Owner Steve Saunders fixed the roof for the museum.


“It took us about three weeks to fix the roof,” he said. “I had two other guys up there helping me.”


Saunders said the roof was fixed at the right time.


“I am glad everyone is happy with our prices and good quality,” he said. “That is how you get your work out there.”


DAHS Member Paul Constantine said that he knew the roof needed to be fixed soon, because there were pieces of it falling off.


“We had to get it done before there was a lot of damage inside,” he said. “Steve did a great job. I didn’t have to look over his shoulder the whole time to make sure he was doing it right.”


Constantine said there are many good people who have put a lot of effort into the museum over the years.


DAHS Past President Albert Hawk said he likes to come down to check on the museum from time to time, and he loves the history of the town he grew up in.  


Waight said the museum is always looking for volunteers and new blood to join the board.


“We are always looking for new blood to give a new perspective on Dansville history,” she said. “Any information or assistance is always appreciated. We need new people to preserve the Dansville history.”