DANSVILLE — A Dansville man was caught after a citizen complained about his erratic driving, but the police found out there was so much more. 


On June 3 about 6:30 a.m. deputies got the call in the town of Avon about a Jeep Cherokee driving all over the road and crashing his vehicle into the median. 


That driver, Daniel Flynn, 33, of Dansville had allegedly stolen the jeep. 


"The driver of the Jeep then allegedly got out of the vehicle and fled the area on foot near the Marshall Road overpass where he jumped a fence and went into a wooded are," .Livingston County Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty said. "Deputies Herkimer, Richardson, and Yencer set up a perimeter to contain the driver while Sergeant Draper and his K-9 partner Vader conducted a track. Sgt. Draper and Vader were able to track the driver to his hiding spot in a heavily wooded location. The driver was taken into custody without incident."


Deputy Herkimer administered a set of standardized field sobriety tests and concluded that Flynn was operating under the influence of a combination of alcohol and drugs.


Flynn was taken into custody for driving while intoxicated, driving while Intoxicated combined drugs and alcohol, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of a property damage accident, and several other Vehicle and Traffic violations.


Sergeant Merrick, who is a Certified Drug Recognition Expert, responded to Sheriff’s Office HQ to perform an evaluation on Flynn. It was Sergeant Merrick’s expert opinion that Flynn was impaired and could not safely operate a motor vehicle.


It was also discovered and alleged during the investigation that Flynn had stolen the Jeep he was driving from a resident in the Village of Dansville. This led to additional charges against Flynn for felony fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property. Dansville Police Department lodged charges for Grand Larceny for the actual theft of the vehicle from the village.


Flynn was turned over to Central Booking Deputies at the Livingston County Jail for processing and pre-arraignment detention. The District Attorney's Office requested that Flynn be held without bail due to Flynn having prior felony convictions.


Flynn was later arraigned in the Town of Caledonia Court before Justice Riggi. The Judge did remand Flynn to the custody of the Sheriff with no bail due to his prior felony convictions.


It was also learned that Flynn was on NYS Parole. Flynn's Parole Officer was contacted and a detainer was also filed to hold him.