PERKINSVILLE — The Human Foosball Tournament is becoming a growing activity in the area after the court was built a couple years ago.


Since then Gunlocke employee, Paul Robinson, has built another court for small children as well as another for adults on his property. Martha Robinson, Paul’s wife, has been very supportive in the human foosball phenomena that has taken the local community by storm.


The Wayland Rotary Club has formed a committee headed by chairperson and member, Anne Bastine, to work with the Robinson’s on an annual tournament to benefit the Genesee Valley Rotary Camp and other local charities. Last year the Robinson’s raised over $2,000 for the Vincent House tournament. This will be the first year the Wayland Rotary Club is involved.


On June 4 at 11 a.m. a maxim of 16 teams will play to raise money for the camp and local charities.


“This is the first year we are helping with this,” Bastine said. “Most of the money raised will go to the camp (Genesee Valley Rotary Camp) for special needs kids. The rest of it will go to local charities the club helps.”



Bastine praised the Robinson’s for their attention to detail, and making last year’s game for Vincent House a huge success.


The games will be broken down into 15 minute increments with a five minute break in the middle. Each team will get to play at least twice. There has to be at least six people playing in the team with a maximum of eight people.


The Wayland Rotary Club is not only sponsoring the event, but they will be volunteering their time and bringing food as well.


There is also a huge chance to win big money through the raffle with $5 a ticket that will be announced at the tournament. There will be four chances to win with the first being $500, second being $250, and the third and fourth being $150.


“It is intense and real fun to play that game,” Bastine said about her, and her husband playing last year. “I enjoy playing a game that I grew up with. Only now it is human foosball, and we are all on this giant court. That pipe that covers the rail moves fast, and you have to go along with everyone else you are standing with.”


Bastine added that everyone is really coming together over this event, and that they hope to do it every year.


“We wanted to tweak the rules a little bit,” she said. “The Robinson’s have been amazing, and very supportive of us.”


Volunteers are needed this year to help out during the games. Especially refs and scorekeepers. More teams are needed as well. The event won’t go more than four hours this year.


Wayland Food Mart has been selling tickets and the community is really pulling for the success of this event.


“We have a lot of businesses and private people as sponsors,” Bastine said. “The community is wonderful, and helping us bring awareness.”


People 15 years old and up can play on the adult courts, but anyone under 18 needs an adult with them. The smaller children can play on the children’s court. The children’s court is not meant for serious games, but for little ones to play together.


There will be a good amount of bleachers there for spectators, but you are free to bring your own chairs. Bastine said the committee is encouraging people to come and enjoy the game even if they just cheer everyone on.


“I want Paul and Martha to have a good experience with the Rotary Club,” Bastine said. “We hope this becomes a thing everyone looks forward to every year.”


The Wayland Village is allowing the tournament to use a couple bleachers from Victory Park this year.


“All of this money goes to a great cause,” Bastine said. “I want all of those kids to have a great time at camp. They really look forward to it. They go to this camp at no cost to the parents, but they still need it to be funded. The camp has volunteers from all over that love it so much they keep coming back.”


The Human Foosball Tournament is located at 1771 County Road 90 (Perkinsville Rd.) For any information on the tournament you can call 585-703-5147. Each team needs to be registered and ready to play.  You can find these forms on their Facebook page at You can find out more about the camp here